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Hi I was on here the other week before my U/S, have had the results back from the scan, I have endometriosis, fibroids, cyst ovary, and a heterogenous mass, I'm having a MRI tomorrow, then seeing the consultant afterwards, I'm just a bit confused because on all the site most people seem to have CT. Scan. I feel so confused at the moment , and just feed up being in pain, but at least by tomorrow I should know more, sorry for moaning.

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Hi, Sorry to hear you're having this worry. My understanding is that an MRI is more detailed, but more expensive which could account for why a CT scan is usually offered. I could be wrong though. Its good that you're seeing the Consultant afterwards as all the waiting around for results is horrible. Don't apologise for moaning, moan away, you're entitled too, its a worrying time. Take care Kerry x

Thank you Kerry, I have such mixed emotions at the moment , don't no if I'm coming or going and I feel quite scared., the consultant also said I would need treatment, but wouldn't know till after my MRI.x


The MRI is more detailed but takes much much longer to scan. Although more expensive to conduct, the main reason CT are more common is the speed of the scan and therefore the throughput of patients is that much greater. If every cancer patient in the UK needed an MRI there wouldnt be enough hours in the year to accomodate the requirement. Xx Paul

I remember those mixed emotions well so completely empathise with you. I met my Consultant ten days after my CT scan by which time I was pretty scared and he told me within the first few seconds of meeting me that I was booked in for surgery the following week. Believe it or not I felt an enormous sense of relief that something was being done and walked out of hospital feeling a lot better. Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on. Kerry xx

p.s. Thanks Paul, that makes sense, I hadn't thought of that. Kerry xx


I had an MRI rather than a CT scan as I they needed more detail as they weren't sure where my cyst was coming from - there's nothing wrong with feeling as you do, the uncertainty is often the worst part and hopefully you ll have some answers very soon.

Good luck

Sue x

Hi Stanally, I had both CT and MRI before my surgeon made final decisions about surgery- the team were very thorough, even calling back tissue samples to do repeat histology. It's such a difficult time waiting for tests and results and I wish you strength and hope, Sxx

I had both CT and MRI scans before my surgery too. As Sunfleury says it's really hard waiting for results etc whilst you're undergoing tests. It does help your consultant to have a full picture though.

Sending you love and best wishes,

Zannah xxx

Thank you so much for all your replies and lovely messages, just needed to get tomorrow over

Hi, I was diagnosed in 2012 and in all that time I have never had a CT scan all of my scans have been by MRI. You will probably be in the machine for about 40 minutes and have buscopan injected ( to stop the bowel moving ) and a contrast dye half way through. I find having an MRI scan quite a pleasant experience and tend to bob off.

Good luck xxxx

Hi, I had an MRI scan. MRI scans take photos which are like slices through the body. I had a weighted MRI scan where they put weights on my upper abdomen in order to give them clearer pictures. MRI scans really are very good. A bit noisy but they usually give you head phones with music playing. Good luck. Ann

I'm sure they are just trying to get the most detailed information they can by doing an MRI which is a positive thing. Hopefully your consultant will be able to give you all the information you need tomorrow. Please keep us updated.


Annette xxx

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