Great day

Thank you to everyone with you kind words to me over the last week or so, you advice and support have been such a help to me.

Today I had my first chemo , and it was ok but the company... The ladies ( and 1 gent ) in my room were brilliant we laughed , supported each other , the nurses were wonderful - run ragged but brilliant . I know the side effects will probably hit soon ( I'm just a bit tired at the mo ) but I feel great 😁

I also finally got my CA125 number and its 18 so double chuffed 👍🏻

diane x

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  • Sounds brilliant, others get you through as you will realise, stay strong,


  • Hi Diane, so glad your first chemo went well. You will find that theres a lot of camaraderie on the chemo wards and as you say the nurses are great, as you say run ragged but more than willing to give out hugs and kind words when needed . Hope the rest of your chemo goes well. take it easy, be kind to yourself. Kathy xx

  • Hello Diane, I'm glad you had good company during your first chemo. Things like this make a lot of difference. And when your side effects kick in, don't forget we are here for you! Whatever side effects you have, one or more of us will have suffered them and can offer advice.

    All the best!


  • So please it went well stay strong lots of love xx

  • Sounds good Diane!

    I used to love the camaraderie in the Chemo ward too it made me feel less isolated as everyone knew exactly how I felt!

    You might be lucky and not get hit too hard with side effects I wasn't too bad at all! Drink plenty of water it really helps with your digestion which can be badly hit by the anti sickness Meds!

    Best of luck for the next few days and I hope you get through it ok.

    All the best!


  • Hi Diane, I am glad you got over the first chemo so one down and five to go. It is better when you have kind nurses and also people to chat with.. I also hope side effects will be miminal. If you have an off day, stick to crackers or Carrs water biscuits, and flat seven up or bovril. Just a few ideas thats all.

  • Thanks, just had my first 'experience' and so it begins haha xx

  • Well done Diane

    As you found out chemo wards are pleasant caring places despite the contraptions over everyone's head ! Everyone is friendly and the nurses are usually real Florence Nightingales . You will be tired of course. The steroids will give you a false energy and my family called me the Duracell Bunny when I was on them. The other ladies have given you great advice and you know that you only have to mention a worry and one of us will always have the answer. Take care


  • I do feel ' wrong' for enjoying it ( having the chemo ) , still waiting for something to happen , feel a bit tired and I can't eat as much as I could before ( not a bad thing !) but only going into 2nd full day post chemo ,so I know there's worse to come. It is a comfort knowing there's at least 1 person on here that will know excactly what I'm going though, and can give me the help and support to get me though. I may not reply to many people on here but I quote you all to family and friends , they know this site has helped me a lot mentally .

    Diane X

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