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Good afternoon Ladies hope you all managed to have a fab weekend!

I did apart from a slight smear of blood when I went to the toiled? it happened yesterday morning and this morning then nothing? ive had my full debulk op so got no ladies bits left to cause this waiting for a reply from the onc but wondered if anyone else had experienced this anytime after the op my op was last November so I don't think its anything to do with the op really and my CA125 being at 1050 I think I might know the answer. we are just looking to book a quick break before I have to go back on Chemo but concerned now that I might become unwell whilst away??

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Supoort I can't share any experiences however I'd say that any bleeding after the surgery you had some time ago does warrant a telephone call to your GP. Hopefully you've already rung today to either speak to your doc or make an appointment - if not can I suggest you do. I hope all is well however you do need to get checked out

Take care and try and stay as worry free as possible.

Clare x

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thanks for replying Clare, spoke to onc all appears ok nothing to worry about! have a nice day xx


I have the occasional spotting and am on a pessary twice weekly. Apparently dryness of the vagina is common in women of a certain age 🙃. The treatment is topical eostrogen. Better to get it checked with either your GP or gynaecologist. Have a nice holiday.


Good morning

Thanks for your reply yeah that makes sense could be to do with the change as my onc and clinical nurse not worried nothing in that region on my scan thank you for reply


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