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Did anyone else read the article in The Guardian (4 June)

The woman who wrote it said that after her first round of chemo, and the rotten side effects that she suffered, she tried fasting for 72 hours before her treatment and 24 hours after. The results convinced her to do this for all her subsequent sessions.

Has anyone out there tried this? I thought that I might give it a go, as I have nothing to lose , and having researched a bit it looks as though it could have some credibility.

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Not read this article but have done lots of research and there seems to be growing interest in medical profession too. I went to see Chris Woolams talk the other week and he reckons that reducing carbs by an extra 15% during chemo will be helpful, it is whether you can handle the full fast, not sure if I could, but with some soup and bone broth for nutrition then yes I think this is a great idea. Xx


Yes I've fasted all the way through, well apart from chemo 4 because I had chums visiting. I think it did make a difference my 4th one was the worst. The last one I didn't even need any anti sickness meds. Normally I took maybe 2 to 3 anti sick meds and it's the mildest ones. I've also been skiing, visited London, organised my kids birthday parties and I have been able to collect the kids from school everyday. Days 2&3 post chemo I took a bit easier but apart from that very very little side effects.

I didn't do water fasting, it was too hard but I had thin vegetable soup for lunch and dinner and lots and lots of water, green tea and fruit teas. It is doable.

There is loads of research that shows fasting itself is good for the body so I'm planning on continuing. I'm thinking a 3 day fast every 3-4 weeks.

It might just be that chemo isn't that effective on my body but I certainly believe it's the fasting along with other things that made the difference. And you should see how fast my hair is coming back - full thick head of fuzz at the moment.

Best of luck



That is really good news. I am so glad that your chemo hasn't been the soul destroying experience that so many people have.

I start chemo in a week or two, and am terrified by reading personal stories, so it is good to hear that someone actually got through it and functioned!


I didn't fast but I went down to a very small intake of food before chemo and a couple of days after which kept sickness etc at bay but I did drink lots of water. Not sure whether this helps you x


Yes it does help, as all the feedback I have got seems to indicate that fasting, or much reduced food intake, seems to have a real effect on reducing the effects of chemo.


Hi, I will look for the article, having read about fasting. Wish I had done it through my last 18 Taxol but couldn't because of home problems.

I have also read that the 5 2 diet also keeps cancer at bay, same principle.

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Thats interesting Trish. I like the 5:2 approach. I found it quite easy and felt lots better for it. x


I tried fasting for 72 hours last year, before my first session of carbo-caelyx. I think the evidence for the benefits of fasting is very convincing. Personally I found it very hard to do though. I cheated a bit by eating peanut butter/butter balls and raw green beans (a sort of do-it-yourself ketogenic diet) and afterwards I never wanted to see a green bean again. I felt ill before, during and after the first chemo, so I can't say if the fasting had any effect in my case, and I didn't attempt it again, but as you say, there is nothing to lose, so I would definitely give it a try.


I too like the 5:2 approach and do it periodically and feel better for it.

I think fasting around chemo is much more likely to be manageable if you've already "cracked" fasting and know you can do it, rather than just adding it to the mountain of chemo related stuff.

The book's a really interesting and persuasive read.

I planned to do it last time, but was thwarted by massive weight loss from bowel problems which I was dealing with at the same time.


I have done 5:2 diet in the past (for weight loss) and not had too many problems. I will post after my first chemo session and report back on whether the fasting had any positive effects.


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