WOOCAY! Well Done Annie

WOOCAY! Well Done Annie

Hi All,

Yesterday evening I attended the event in Cardiff that our lovely Annie organised for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day. It was well attended and the Samba Band and Dancers were brilliant. Annie's husband and daughter spoke brilliantly on her behalf, as did Louise Hannah from Velindre Cancer Centre and Mark Drakeford the Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services.

 The City Hall looked splendid lit up in teal to launch Wales Official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Year. 

Well Done Annie, you must be very proud.

Much Love

Andrea x x

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  • How stunning is that photo ! and how amazing Annie is  .

    Thank you for posting x

  • Amazing photo what an achievement. Well done Annie you are a super star. I really don't know how you do it xx


  • Wow! How one person can achieve so much despite this illness is truely incredible . I'm sure in years to come when ovarian cancer has as good a survival rate as Breast cancer it will be down to crucial innovative steps like Annie has done to promote awareness . Thank you Annie!

  • Well done Annie, great achievement xx

  • Very well done Annie, you have achieved so much in raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer especially at a time when you are going through so much yourself. Your family must be so proud of you and all the hard work you have put in over the years. Love Gill xxx

  • Amazing work - well done Annie and thank you

    Vicki x

  • Be proud of what you have achieved Annie, it seems it was a wonderful event.   Wishing you well

  • Brilliant achievement,  and the teal city hall looks incredible!  Thanks Ande for posting and well done Annie!  

  • Well done Annie. What a great achievement xx

  • Amazing photo.  Well done Annie, you must be really pleased. 

  • Well done what a huge achievement! Be very very proud.



  • Brilliant achievement! What a truly inspirational lady you are Annie.

  • Annie pulls another stunning event off. You are one amazing lady! X x

  • Well done Annie. The City Hall looks lovely in teal.  Hope your feeling a bit better. Ann x

  • wow you should be so proud ...what an amazing women you are and so sorry i could nt make it xxx

  • Congratulations, Annie. I can't believe all the things you've achieved!! It must have been a super Event with such happy music from the Samba bands, Dancers and City Hall lit up with the beautiful Teal colour. Wish I could have been there 😊

    Now it's time for a good rest....... Until another project comes along, knowing you 😉

    Love, Solange  

  • Well done Annie x

  • Well done and thank you.  As always, I am in awe of your achievements.

  • Bless you, Annie, I hope we don't lose touch.  Gio

  • Of course we won't lose touch Gio. I'm going to be more or less immobile from now on so the new 'in touch' is using phones, emails, and online with friends on the various social media. How lucky we are to have all this! What must it have been like to have this disease 15 - 20 years ago, let alone 40 years ago when there weren't really any treatments at all.  I hope all's well in Penzance. xxxx

  • That's really nice, you are like me, SUPERWOMAN1

  • Dear All

    Thanks for your kind words everyone. A huge thank you as well to Ande for posting her photo of City Hall on Sunday. I logged on to Health Unlocked this morning to catch up with all your news and imagine my surprise to see at the top of the posts a pic of City Hall.

    I should explain the reason Martin and Becky were speaking on my behalf at the event is because I was in A&E. I had only gone in for a bit of advice. I thought it would take 10 minutes or so and never dreamed I'd be admitted. What a palaver. Fancy missing my own event. I did manage to enjoy it though. My phone started peeping, and pix rolled in so I could follow the event as it took place. Later in the evening there were videos on Facebook showing the samba band marching and dancing outside City Hall. 

    The event on Sunday 8 May really is going to be my last one but that isn't sad in the least because it was the beginning another project as ANDE says. There will be other events taking place across Wales all year to May 2017 raising awareness of ovarian cancer.  By May 2017 our hope is that every woman in Wales will be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and all our GPs will be up-to-date with the latest information on diagnostics which will enable them to make a swift referral when needed. 

    Hooray for WOOCAY!

    xxx Annie

    p.s. I should mention that I'm home again after 13 hours in A&E and then 48 hours on a hospital trolley in an assessment unit. My cancer is progressing quickly now so I have very limited mobility. What is good is that I feel perfectly well for the time being so I can continue to enjoy getting involved with WOOCAY.  There are loads of interesting things to do or think about even if I can't do them myself. 

  • Dear Annie, 

    what an inspiration you are. 

    I was so sorry to read your addendum to your note, but said with your wonderful fortitude and zest for life. I hope you are comfortable and wish you and your family support and love. 

  • So pleased to hear you are home now Annie, nothing like your own bed ! Xxxx

  • I'm not in my own bed HilsUK. I've got a snazzy electric hospital bed and they've provided satin sheets because they're cool and more comfortable. It's certainly luxurious sleeping in my house at the moment. xxxx Annie

  • Oh luxury Annie , how lovely ! Hope you got some satin pyjamas to match xx

  • What a wonderful event Annie , and a huge step forward for ovarian cancer awareness in Wales . This and your incredible work tackling the inequalities of treatments across the welsh / english border and regions will really continue to change things for the better for cancer patients in Wales . It takes such drive and selflessness to do what you've done since you were diagnosed Annie , and the changes will I'm   sure continue to happen through WOOCAY . Hope you continue to feel as well as possible for a long while yet , and take time to look after yourself as well as others . You are a legend !  Xxx 

  • Aw Thanks Hils - I'm blushing! xxx

  • Ha ha, you blushing Annie , never - and so you shouldn't !! Xx

  • Wow - so fantastic. I agree - what a fantastic effort by Annie towards making Ovarian one day have the same survival rates as BC. Thank you for this wonderful post! - Nicola

  • Well done Annie,what a gigantic achievement.So proud of you,putting awareness out there,for fighting for the rights of cancer sufferers in Wales.What a splendid acknowledgement from those whose eyes you've opened.xx 

  • Well done, Annie. You've given so much time and energy to this event, and others in Wales and the wider OC community. You really deserve all the accolades for your work. Take care, my friend, and have a bit of a rest now xx

  • Simply Amazing. Just in awe with what you've done. 

  • Well done Annie x

  • Hi Annie,

    I only post infrequently but have always been interested in your projects, particularly in relation to Wales.   What you have achieved is truly amazing and is and will make a huge difference.  I'm sorry you couldn't be at the City Hall but were able to compensate with pics and videos.  I'm glad you're comfortable and hope you are able to continue with new and ongoing projects.  Yes, for WOOCAY!.


  • AMAZING ANNIE, Hurrah!  You are THE Lady by actually being the Change that you want to Change. 

    Cardiff brings back memories as my daughter did her Masters in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University.  Fond memories of Henry's and Positano. 


  • Well done Annie, I just knew it would be a success.  Sending you a big hug.  Kathy xx

  • Just fab.  Vx

  • Well done, Annie. It's a shame you weren't there but 'Generals' are often behind the lines if you get my drift from a much earlier post.

    Love and prayers

    Anne xx

  • Great photography, and well done to Annie and her amazing family. Thank you Andrea for sharing with us. Love Bridie xx

  • Well do NE Annie.,virtual hugs and kisses take care Pam x

  • Wow Annie you really are an inspiration! Take care xxx

  • Well done Annie. Amazing achievement. X

  • Congratulations😀. Amazing achievement, in raising awareness and making a difference for families in Wales and also the rest of the UK. Lxx💙

  • Fabulous achievement ,you are an amazing, inspirational lady Annie x

  • Thanks so much Andrea for sharing this amazing photograph... There are truly remarkable things happening in Wales this year & there is a Facebook group with more photos and information here... facebook.com/groups/1994107...

    I would really like to applaud all involved, especially Annie who does so so much!!

    So pleased to hear that you're home, much love XXX

  • Sounds fabulous, wish I had the energy and wherewithal to follow in your footsteps, Im in awe xxx

  • What a lovely picture, and what an ambassador you are. I have followed your posts since I first became a member. You have been hugely inspirational to me, and from reading others posts, to them as well. How proud you must be of your husband and daughter stepping in for you.

    Sending hugs {}{}

    Caz x

  • Well done, Annie! And well done to your husband and daughter. All best wishes.


    Eileen xxx

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