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Thoughts today

I have received my letter from the hospital this morning and my pre op assessment is tomorrow. 😬😬

I have a meeting with the gynaecologist at 10.30, then the anaesthetist at 12, and finally the surgeon at 2, so will have a full day of it by the sounds of it😞😞

It will be two weeks today for my operation. 

I'm feeling much better this week after my chemo last Monday, and I suppose from having nivestim injections to increase my white blood cells. 

I just still can't seam to get a daily plan of what to do each day, what do you all do to keep yourselves busy? Or are you all like me just treading time?? 

I'm just looking for something to activate my mind, anyone recommend an activity??

I'm fed up of colouring, knitting, puzzle books. I quite like reading (6 hrs yesterday) and I like doing messages on here keeping me going.

Are there any other sites anyone can recommend?

Thanks all you lovely people. Xx

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Hi Millie C, just thought I would say hello and hope your appointments go well tomorrow.If you have'nt already done so it might be a good idea to make a list of questions for your consultant, anaesthetist,and surgeon, three in one day! such a lot of information to take on board. Wishing you the best of luck for your upcoming operation. xx

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Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate the time taken for you to respond. 

I have my fingers crossed for the op. 

Thanks again


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Wishing you all the best for your appointments. I try to see friends, read, get out of the house to distract myself xxx trish


Thanks trish for your reply. 

I will try and get out and about more, just don't know where to go. 

Iv been to Toby carvery today for lunch which was nice but don't think I will be doing that after the op. 

Think reading is at the top of my list at the mo. 

Best wishes, xx


Good luck for tomorrow hope all goes well.

I'm back at work now but when I was off during my first line I saw some friends, they came round yo me especially after my op, I read loads, did puzzles, i took nice easy gentle walks etc and you will just want yo rest after your op to, you will get tired very easily so lots of DVDs, films to watch etc. 

Best wishes




Thanks Karen, 

I'm trying hard to rest but I have such an active mind.

I hope after the op I will not have the inclination to want to do too much and I can just learn to chill, 

Iv been onto my sister who reads Jodie picoult and ordered a stash of books to borrow.

Can't wait till it's all over. 

Thanks for your reply, xx

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I know it's so hard when your used to being so active, good idea on stocking up on the books. 

Big hugs xxx


Big hugs back, xx


Hey Mandy! 

I am a TV addict so watched ALOT of TV series when I was recovering from ops! But I tried not to stay static for too long as it was tending to make me a bit sad for the want of a better description! I think it was the anesthetic to be honest it has a tendency to bring you down a bit so don't get too disheartened if this happens to you it will wear off!!! Small walks and even just pottering around the house! Getting up and getting dressed even if it's only to move from the bed to the couch will help!! My usual repetition also of my keep hydrated mantra, drink loads of water to help your digestive system which will also probably be hit by the anesthetic if the Chemo wasn't enough!!!!! 

I genuinely found that the anticipation and anxiety before surgery was actually worse than the surgery itself so I hope it all goes well for you!

Onwards and Upwards!!! 



Morning D. Thanks for your reply. 

Pretty much what I thought  I would be up to. 

I know I can get through it, I have to. And so many others been here before and come out the other side so that gives me confidence. 

Worry is a funny thing tho it still has a way of creeping up on you. 

I'm with the surgeon today so that might help put my mind at rest. 

Have a lovely day,


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Good that you can have all your appointments on the same day even though it sounds like a long one. On the chemo days when I'm not up to much I read, do puzzle books, and online scrabble in the morning, then watch a bit of television around lunchtime and go for a walk. I also have had a paper, the i, delivered while I am on chemo so I go through that and do some of the puzzles as well.  


Thanks for your reply, pretty much what I'm doing now, don't know why I'm worrying really, it's the Unknown I suppose. 

Mandy. Xx



I have always struggled with the change from being very busy with my career, running the home and being a mum to living with an illness. I no longer felt I was doing anything worthwhile and felt very anxious so coped by doing stuff all the time. However this just left me feeling exhausted and sad.

My Psychologist worked hard on getting me to think about this in a better way. Her take on it is that dealing with our disease is in itself a full time job.  It takes a huge amount of physical and mental energy and this is the most important occupation we can have.

She also recommended to be healthy and fulfilled everyday should have a variety of activities. Daily this should include something which is relaxing, productive, creative, exercising and pleasurable. If you can look back at the end of each day and know you have achieved each of these elements you have had a good day.

I still struggle to always follow these rules but I do use them to remind myself what I should be doing and how I should credit myself for what I am doing.

All the very best


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Thankyou Julia that all makes perfect sense, I do like to be productive and creative,..... Just need to find a few new interests I think. 

I appreciate your lengthy response, someone else opinion really does help. 

Mandy. Xx


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