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Tips for dealing with constipation

did some research on high fibre foods and looked at the dietary recommendations for the amount of fibre women should have every day. Since many of the chemo drugs are constipating you may need to increase from the recommended 25g a day to 30g a day. Of course you must have at least 2 litres of water every day or this won't work..the bowel is a creature of habit and it may take 24-48hrs for your bowel to adjust to this regime

Choose from the following to make up your 30 g

All bran 40g fibre 11g

Raspberries 100g Fibre 7g

1Avocado fibre 9g

Whole wheat spaghetti 1cup (USA) 6g

Cauliflower 1cup 5 g

Brussels sprouts 1cup 6g

Black eyed beans per can 15g

Kidney beans per can 16g

Lentils per can 16g 

Flaxseed 1oz fibre 8 g

Chia seeds 25 g. Fibre 10g (I mix this with a pot of yoghurt)

French beans 1 cup 17g fibre

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Hi Maryrose 1.  that is a lot of food for thought thank you sharing,

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Thanks I find figs and dates help on the first few days after chemo when it's a problem.

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That's a lot of fibre. I really miss fruit and veg, and have to rely on laxative now and then sadly

LA xx


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