Shaking and tremors


Yesterday I had a bad time with shaking. I'd stopped steroids the day before (Tuesday) and wondered if anyone else has had this as a result? I'd had the cisplatin infusion (my 4th, nearly there:-)) the previous Thursday. My partner wanted me to hone the local chemo helpline but I wasn't keen so we set a time to ring if it hadn't stopped and fortunately it did. I've had it a bit on and off today as well. I'll ask the oncology team before my next infusion but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I have a reducing does of steroids after the cisplatin for 5 days.

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  • Hi LesleyGreengran,   When on Gemzar plus Avastin, I hadnt steroids at the begininng and a few hours after infusion I would get the shakes and tremors but it would pass.  I got steroids after two sessions of this and it did stop.  I feel in my case it was the Gemzar.  Best speak to your team, or the Ovacome Nurse if you wish.  Please note they do have a post on here giving a temporary number as the usual one isnt working due to an office move.

  • I had tremors during treatment. Oncologist refused the idea that chemo/drugs brought them on. They were especially bad when I was fatigued. I was told it must have been hereditary. last, they lasted about six months. Once chemo/drugs stopped they subsided and not returned..

  • I have suffered with shaking and tremors after starting standard dose of Parp inhibitor after finishing chemo. I rang local triage and was sent to A&E but they couldn't find anything wrong other than low Hb which we knew about and I was due to have transfusion next day. I hadn't noticed it with chemo. It was suggested it could have been the metochloromide for nausea - are you taking that? I have now changed to cyclozine. Another cause of shaking and tremors could be infection - do you have a temperature? Worth ringing your local chemo helpline to check. Also what is your Hb level like? I wondered whether I hadn't noticed it with chemo as I was taking steroids then and only needed the metachlopramide the first day. I hadn't noticed any nausea with chemo (other than when I had a couple of migraines) but do have it with the PARPi but of course don't have steroids now.

  • I had what I described as feeling wobbly when I was over-dosed on steroids and also when haemoglobin low..... good luck with getting to the bottom of it...

  • Thanks for the replies. unspoken to the ovacome nurse and the local helpline and it seems it's coming off the steroids. It was bad on day 8 but went by the evening but then started up again next morning but only lasted a few hours. The oncology nurse said it may be made worse by the metrochlopromide. They are going to adjust the dosage next time.  

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