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Mouth Ulcers

I had my 3rd chemo Taxol/Carbo/Avastin 2 weeks ago and this time I developed such painful mouth ulcers on my tongue and throat. I have never known a pain like this (I had a few with chemo 1&2). It got to the point I just couldn't eat. Difflam mouth rinse didn't do anything, my MacMillan nurse gave me GelClair which did help you rinse your mouth 30 mins before eating. I eventually went to my Doctor as it turns out I also had a mouth infection and prescribed Fluconazole. By day 4 the anti-biotics had started to take effect and I could eat. Now I've experienced these ulcers I'm in absolute dread with the next 3 chemos... this really knocked me for six and just felt so depressed and tearful. Has anyone else suffered with these nasty ulcers? Michelle xx

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Hi Michelle I only had a few mouth ulcers and the gel worked for me but they were very sore and I couldn't eat with them for a few days until the gel worked. I was told to use mouth wash everyday whether I needed to or not. It's not nice and as you say you get down and tearful, big hugs and hopefully your next chemo won't suffer with them, speak to your oncologist to, he/she might have another suggestion. Best wishes 




Now that the ulcers are clearing up also rinse your mouth a few times a day with lukewarm water and salt, I found that kept them at bay for me.  In fact I was encouraged to to that the last time on treatment rather than use difflam.  You obviously got a nasty infection by the sounds of it you were unlucky.  But next time it mightnt be as bad.  Avoid spicy foods and tomatoes because they make the matter worse.  Sorry you had a bad reaction.  Also use a medium brush not a hard toothbrush the hard one is too abrasive and if you are using the medium then change to a soft brush.  Mind yourself


Thank you so much for the advice. It's one thing having chemo but the side-effects are horrendous.. the ulcers have been the worst for me and not eating weight just falls off me. Thank you again x


Hi, I had the mouth ulcers and found aloclair helped a little.  It took months for them to find out I had a fungal infection which was responsible so I had finished gem carbo and was just on Avastin by then. I haven't had any recurrence of the fungal infection after treatment for it, so hopefully you won't either. I would recommend that if it flares up again you get treatment straight away as they have found I have a lot of scarring from the prolonged infection which has affected my voice box. 

Take care, soon be done. 

Sandra X x


Hi Sandra ok thanks for the advice. I'll look into that next week when I have my bloods checked. My MacMillan nurse has said chemo maybe postponed due to ulcers... I hope not. You mention your voice, mine too seems to change and go croaky/husky which I guess is the Avastin... 3 more to go... best wishes Michelle x


Hi. Yes i had awful mouth ulcers. It is only treated properly with the right medecine which you eventually got. Some gp's aren't so knowledgeable. All i can say is i lost weght & became a size 14. Now back to size16!


Hi Michelle,

I havent suffered with mouth ulcers through 2 cycles of chemo- my nutritionist recommended homeopathic mouthdrops called traumeel to prevent them.  maybe worth a try?

Jan x


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