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Bowel stenosis

I've had a colostomy due to OC since 2004 and had three bowel blockages but now I have stenosis in one area which is very narrow hence the last two months of wind ,loose bowels and abdominal pain.Had ct scan last week which showed what was wrong and now gynae consultant is referring me urgently to bowel team.He seemed delighted that it wasn't a recurrence of the cancer but I just feel really fed up that my next few months are going to be spent having major surgery with the chance that I can never eat properly again.Quality of life is more important to me rather than length and I feel that I am missing out.Sorry for moan but feel rather despondent today and I am producing enough wind to heat the house!

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Hi Tutti, well its not Cancer, perhaps this operation may make you far more comfortable than you are at the present time. There have been major advances in stoma techniques since 2004 and maybe the operation will turn out to your advantage. I realise it is daunting but think of how medicine has advanced since then and that might give you more positivity. Maybe avoid windy foods for the moment such as brocolli and beans etc and grains Hopefully that might help you. I hope you get your apt soon and write down the questions you need to ask your surgeons, it is good to be prepared, all the best


It's worth going to see at last. It might be possible to put in a stent, which isn't major surgery. You can always say no. Hoping that there is a quick and easy answer, Vx.

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Dear Tutti

What an awful situation for you. I feel as though you could do with a good chat immediately to someone who knows more about this proposed bowel surgery. It's not enough to just refer you to a consultation at some point in the future. It's clearly worrying you and as Viper Victoria says perhaps when you actually meet the consultant they might suggest something quite minor with no risk in the future of a very restricted diet. I know I'd be really upset and down if I were in your shoes at the moment.

Is there anyone you could talk to to ask if you could just have a few minutes with someone who can explain the options. I'm thinking it doesn't have to be the consultant who I'd imagine has a long waiting list. Is it something you could talk to a stoma nurse about as they might at least have more experience of what goes on, or even a charity that supports people with stomas. I have a friend who joined a stoma support charity and she says they are absolutely wonderful. They may have a nurse-led line you could ring.

I do hope you can find someone who will put your mind at ease and cheer you up. I'll ask my friend what charity she has found so helpful and will post later. xxx love Annie

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