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Fatigue on Carbo/Caelyx


Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone has any information or tips around coping with Fatigue? My mum is on 2nd line treatment after having Carbo/Taxol for her OC and now having Carbo/Caelyx as it has returned in her liver. Mum has said the Fatigue is so much worse.

She is now into the 3rd week after her 1st cycle and she still cannot drive, get about like she was able to inbetween treatment last time. She had her bloods checked a week ago and all was ok other than small marker of infection that they treated.

Does this combo tend to leave you feeling more fatigued or could it be to do with the fact the cancer is in her liver?

Mum is on this treatment every 4 weeks for 6 months, the main worry is that she will never have any in between time to get on with her live day to day as the fatigue is so bad. she has always been able to go to work or at least pop to our local shops but that is even a struggle.

Any advice or tips would be useful please. :)

We are going to speak with the Onc on Tuesday next week when she is back for her next appointment.

Many thanks Amber xxx

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Dear Amber,

So sorry your mum is going through this. She's very lucky to have you to help her, and to advocate for her treatment. I can't say for sure, of course, but my guess is that because she's also fighting the effects of the cancer spreading, her tolerance for the side effects of the chemo is going to be lower. Definitely tell the onc everything on Tuesday and see what s/he has to say as well.

I'm know it's incredibly frustrating not to be able to do the things you used to do. But she's got to save her energy for getting through this new line of chemo, and hopefully she'll get some good days in the third and fourth weeks. This has to be a lot for you to process too; please try to remember to look after yourself as well.

All the best, Kerry xx

Hi Amber. I am 42 and have suffered so badly this time with fatigue so I can sympathise with your mum who must be a bit older than me. It is taking me two weeks before I'm feeling better. I probably felt the worst of it about third cycle too. They offered to adjust my dosage but I refused. I just don't like messing with the concotion unless absolutely necessary. This fatigue has really affected my moods too so just keep an eye on her. I think it was frustration of not having that break I used to get with first line chemo and not being able to get to enjoy the time in between. I had a good chat with my Oncologist he told me to be kinder on myself and that I need to rest. I've 3 children so have felt like a real burden these last few months.

Sorry for sounding so negative but hopefully if you tell your mum this that she will be easier on herself as it is normal. On a positive I have been feelin a bit better and the chemo is working for me. I'm now about to have no 6 this week. I've really made the best of the two week before treatment starts again. It's seems to have been a long haul but I'm almost there. Tell your mum to stay positive as it did get better for me once I completely rested for the two weeks afterwards. Hope she gets to enjoy some free time soon xo

Be-Positive in reply to Julie40

Hi Julie,

Thanks for replying. My mum turned 59 on Sunday so older than you. That's great to hear that your feeling better now and the chemo is working. Mums moods have certainly been affected, she is either really quiet and doesn't talk or she can be negative. I completely understand though she must be feeling so down and frustrated. Both my sister and I just make sure we spend lots of time with her and keep the positiveness around her and reassure her. I will let her know it gets easier towards the end..she reacted well to the chemo in first line so i expect she will again on this (I hope). How old are your children if you don't mind me asking? Don't ever feel a burden, my mum always says that but all the help you allow people to do lets them feel like they are helping or contributing, as we can feel so helpless... it's the least we can do to help, so don't ever feel bad or a burden we want to and I am sure your loved ones do too, it is them doing their bit. :)

I hope you enjoy your free time after this 6th cycle :)

Julie40 in reply to Be-Positive

My children are 23, 18 and 12. They are not babies but still a lot going on at home and from this started 2 years ago there has always been a critical event happening for one of them. They've been under so much pressure at home and school/uni. They are good kids though and supportive.

Thefe are so many people that care for others always talk about feeling helpless and there is us patients on the other side not wanting to be a burden.

I've been so positive throughout this but really hit a brick wall mid way through this treatment so hopefully your mum is just experiencing this and it will pass soon xo

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