Good evening all!!!

Day 5 of 4th cycle and I have to say I don't think I have ever felt fatigue like it!!! I think I over did it this weekend lots of family around and new nephew!!! Can hardly move with exhaustion today!! But on the positive side spoke to the nurse last infusion about anti sick Meds and she gave me Emmend and it really has made a big difference with the digestion which is great!!!

Hope all you warriors had a good weekend! Tomorrow is another day thankfully!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!!


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  • Sounds like a good weekend. Lovely to have a new addition to the family. sometimes we overdo things without realising. Fatigue and poor concentration were my worst side effects. Still get tired fairly easily.. Seems to be cumulative as you progress through the cycles. New week tomorrow. Looking forward to my "where now" course at local Maggie's centre on Tuesday.


    Loraine x

  • Thanks Lorraine!

    Enjoy your where now course I have just signed up for a look good feel better course with the Irish Cancer Society on the 8th of March so looking forward to that!

    Today is going to be a sofa/duvet day for me!!


  • The look good feel better course is really good. I had great fun and made a new friend as well. Met other women with different types of cancer, different ages and at different stages of the process.

    I am sitting in bed with the sunshine pouring through the window eating my Rice Crispies and banana.

    Going to be a good day. Enjoy yours. ☺. Lx

  • Hi D Emend was the only thing that helped me and also maxalon. You are bound to feel tired with visitors etc. We do have to pace ourselves. Had grandson staying with his parents last night and I am truely whacked. I hope you take it easy tomorrow and have a rest if you can

  • Thanks Suzuki!

    The Emend has really made a difference I am glad I spoke up I was just going to put up with the unpleasant symptoms!!

    Definately a day of rest today! Sounds like ye had a great coffee morning and I am sorry I missed it! Hopefully I will make the patient Day and meet some of the lovely ladies that have really kept me sane over the last few months!!


  • First chemo they offered Motillium and it used come back up for some reason. When off treatment, its okay if I get a dodgy stomach. I rememember they were surprised Motillium didnt do it for me so eventually I did get Emend. On Gem had maxalon or valoid. Motillium does work for some but never for me. Then I never got much steroids either just at infusion time. Some people get tabs to take but I got the minimum might be due to my blood pressure etc

  • I crash out on day 3 and 4, and the very slowly recover.

    The last 2 cycles were really tough, I slept over 20 hours both days. Basically, it was wake up, eat what I could before I fell asleep again.

    I can't even curl up on the couch because I couldn't support my own weight, it was all I could do to get to the toilet.

    But, I found the more I just go with it and let myself sleep, the quicker I recover.

    Audio books have been a god send for me, they keep my brain busy with absolutely no effort required, so I can rest and keep my anxiety in check as well :)

    I also had Emmend last cycle, and it's made an amazing difference! I didn't have a single day off my food this cycle.

  • Thanks Indego!

    I feel the same about Emend I wonder why they don't just give it straight away but when I saw the packaging I realised that it is probably very expensive and that's why they don't prescribe it until you ask for it!!!! I am just glad I have it now!!!!

    It's a sleep and eat day for me today!!!


  • I just went through the meds I was sent home with last chemo session, and I actually have an Emend tablet.

    (The prescribing Dr said I wasn't meant to get it, it was meant to be the prescription for in hospital use... But they messed up... So now I have an Emend tablet, lol)

    The prices are on the labels, and it's $38.30 a tablet here, vs $0.69 for a Pramin tablet. (Or $17.25 for the 25 bottle.)

    (Got both for free cos I was admitted when I filled the script.)

    It's a massive difference... But seeing as it's ONE tablet before each session, it's a shame they let you suffer through a shitty round before they give it to you.

    I wonder if part of it is also so they have more to offer once the digestive issues get worse during treatment? (I hope so, the cost part of it is just to depressing.)

  • Sounds like you are in need of a sofa day and a good movie. Xx

  • That's the plan Leeds and I am looking forward to it!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Hi D, have a lovely sofa/duvet day today. Sounds as though you might have overdone things a little over the weekend. I remember feeling exactly the same after the family had visited. I loved their visits so much and would not have put them off or made them shorter - but they did take their toll.

    Enjoy a quiet day snoozing and recuperating. So good to hear Emend is helping you. xx love Annie

  • Last time I was on chemo I had a real low point for fatigue after the 3rd IV but then was a bit better for the 4th. It was a bit worse for the 5th and 6th but I was nearing the end by then. At least you're two thirds of the way now (assuming you're on the usual 6). Emmend is great but warch out for constipation!

  • LOL, I think with fatigue a little goes a long-way, we push ourselves alittle bit only to find it was a ridiculous amount. It always happens to me and I refuse to believe I am the only culpirt involved :)

    Lots of Love


  • Hi D,

    Lovely to hear you had nice wend with new nephew . Don't beat yourself up about overdoing it . I have had as bad fatigue after quiet days as after busy days . Chemo is accumulative and its normal to feel more tired towards the end of your treatment . Be prepared for it to take a few months after you finish treatment for normal energy to return . Enjoy a quiet day today , feet up ,TV on!

  • Ps: agree Emmend is amazing wonder drug for nausea !, I am putting on weight this time round! Not that happy about it but would be more worried if was losing it!. Emend costs 50 euro for two tablets hence they don't give it out unless needed ..although think they should ..we have enough side effects to deal with!

  • I was told when I started chemo and I was given emmend that I was a lucky girl as it's very expensive! When I looked it up found that even some private health insurance avoid paying for it if possible!!!

  • Yes Susan and Cre!

    You would think that with all the side effects they would give us whatever would help even if its a bit more expensive!!! I am just glad I got it in the end as it really has made a big difference!!!


  • I had Emmend for sickness this time and it was better until after capsule three. Then on to cyclizine. I think the anti sickness can make you really tired. I'm a bit concerned that each treatment is a little more debilitating. Do you have a six cycle treatment plan?

    Sending you a virtual hug lets get this chemo done girl

    LA xx

  • Hey Lily Anne,

    I have to say I think you are right about the antisickness Meds they do floor you! I was on Zofram and it was playing havoc with my digestive system making me very uncomfortable so I am glad the Emend helped with that!

    Yes I am on 6 cycle, onc thought originally that 4 would have been enough but was in with him last week and he said that as I was tolerating it well it was as well to go ahead with the 6 so two more to go! For me I think the aspect that is getting worse is the fatigue and a bit more bone ache from the neulasta too!

    How are you getting on?


  • Sick of feeling sick, when the emmend is finished the cyclizine makes me really tired and sick of moaning about it too. I had the worse indigestion last night, but had ct scan with contrast on chest today for PE but was luckily all clear. The nicest doctor and nurse though. Just wish there was some guarantees

    LA xx

  • I hear ya Lily Anne! Today wasn't the best day today but funnily enough I couldn't stop eating instead of not being able to eat! I am afraid I gave in to eating what I wanted which included chips! !!! Hopefully we will start to feel better tomorrow!!! I live in Hope! !!


  • Yes 6 cycles of carbo /gem. Think it is always 6 cycles . I found my first two cycles the worst in terms of tiredness/nausea. Really bad sinusitis though which I'm hoping is due to being immunocompromised as opposed to the avastin.

    I Have had delays with day 8 gem top ups to the extent that they dropped the day 8 top ups for last 3 cycles . Bit annoyed as if they had started me on neulasta injections earlier I might have got some of these. The tiredness definetly worse Overall than first line, won't complain as you have had much worse side effects . Did you have a lung clot in the end? Imagine recovery from that and your leg affecting your energy levels too. Interested to why you think it's the anti sickness and not the chemo that causes your tiredness?

    Hopefully arrival of spring will motivate us to get over last few hurdles , a holiday booked would help too! Are you having your stoma reversed?. I was told I can although I accept I may need one again in the future . Trying to work out if would get it done before summer . I had very slow recovery from last surgery and while this is minor compared to that I am still wary .

    Take care xx

  • My thoughts exactly about Spring, I have finally redecorated my kitchen and spring clean. Itching now to get into the garden and have tomato seedlings on my window sill and holiday planning is a must, I am hoping to go away lots this year, fingers crossed this damn disease doesn't interfere with those plans.

  • You know how it's said the Eskimo have 100 different words for snow? That's how I feel about the word "tired" now. I've had so many different types and degrees of fatigue there just isn't the vocabulary for them! I've been told since I started chemo in October that the effects are cumulative and you get really fatigued towards the end. And as I'm waiting for my 6th round, I'm finding that to be true. So be patient with yourself - you're so close to the end. One thing I'd say is, stay vigilant about protecting your immune system. If your white blood cells drop to fight off infection, as mine have done, the fatigue is intense. Much of the exhaustion can't be helped but if there's anything you can do to prevent it getting worse, then do take extra care!

    Congratulations on your new nephew & I'm so glad the Emend is helping!

    Kerry xx

  • EMEND was the only thing that helped me, felt lots better then.

    Hope you've had a relaxing duvet day and watched a good film to and had a snooze throughout the day to.

    Take care xx

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