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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Adopt a..

We Need You! To be part of our UK community wide campaign.

The mission is to put our new leaflets, posters and cards into hospitals, health clinics, doctors surgeries, community centres, places of worship, libraries, workplaces, gyms, sports centres and social clubs to raise awareness about signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and our free support services across the UK. By being part of our UK wide community campaign Adopt a.. you will be helping many women and their families across the UK.

We believe in the strength of our community and want to let all women affected by ovarian cancer, and their families, know that we are there for them; to talk to them, offer support, understanding and give expert guidance.

If you would like to adopt a place near you please do get in touch, please call 020 7299 6651 or email

Best wishes,

The Ovacome Team.

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Hi all at Ovacome. I thought you'd like to know that the Welsh Government are organising a mini awareness-raising campaign for ovarian cancer and as part of that flyers are going to every GP surgery in Wales with a letter to the GPs reminding them of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. The flyers are for the walls of the surgery and they've all been requested to display them. They're making an announcement about this on 9 March during Ovarian Cancer Awareness-raising month.

It's only something quite modest but hopefully helps your campaign. x Annie


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