My Ovacome

Pains in bottom of stomuck really bad and burnung in private part that travels up to all my organs

Im so scared i have pains at botton of my stomuck and the pains do travel up to all my other organs and have bad burning inside my private part im terrified case this is cancer ive been sick a few days dont want to move at all no energy pleases jelp me and my bowels are very sore they not fully empying im scared pleases could someone tell what it migjt be

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I'm sorry you are feeling so horrible and of course you are scared. Please go and see a doctor then whatever it is can be dealt with. best of luck.


I went to doctors and got bloods takibg and all bloods cane back normal i still feel terrible unwell im so scared my bowels are very sore and im not emptying them fully wonder what it would be docters arent taking me serious im terrified wonder what it would be


H I you sound very frightened which is understandable .Do you have contact with a McMillan nurse if so ring to speak to her if not contact G P for emergency appt and let them help you. Stay in touch


I just want to tell you to go with the advice of the other women and see a doctor at once. You must be totally stressed to write 3 posts all around the same time or maybe you are just new to the site. The women here are all very helpful and always answer people if they think they are in distress. Take care


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