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Devastated my partner as been given 6 to 12 months.Chemo as not worked the Doctor says Cancer is very aggressive.Cancer as moved on to inside the stomach lining and liver.Been offered trail which only prolongs life by maybe 3 to 6 months which at the moment we both don't think is worth it with all the side effects.Don't know what else we can do, Craig,

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that Craig it must be incredibly difficult for you both. I hope you are both getting support. xx

  • Dear Craig,

    I've been wondering how you've both been getting on since your first post.

    I'm really sorry you've had such difficult news to take in. It seems so unjust that some women are unresponsive to treatment and that is the case I'm afraid for a certain percentage of us.

    I remember first joining this forum over four years ago and reading the posts of a wonderful lady who was in just the same situation as your partner. I think everyone who read her posts was moved by her wisdom and kindness and we all felt we had a very special friendship with her. Her short time living with a diagnosis of refractory ovarian cancer wasn't wasted.

    I hope your partner can be kept pain free so that she makes the most of the short time left. I hope you can find things you want to do together and that you can enjoy. If we can be of any support here during the dark times and share the happy moments with you, you know we will.

    love to you both, Annie

  • Hi Craig

    Thinking of you and your partner at this difficult time. I echo Annie's comments. xx

  • I'm so sorry this has happened. You could consider a second opinion. There is a clinic called Cancer Care Clinic in Harley Street (private, but affordable) that offers a consultation and access to various drugs such as metformin that can slow the progression of cancer.

    Apart from that, I hope you are getting good palliative care, which can make a world of difference. Thinking of you. Vxxx

  • So very sorry to hear this news.... My heart goes out to you both

    Luanna x

  • So sorry to read this. I've just recently been diagnosed at the age of 22. I cannot imagine how you are both feeling right now, my heart goes out to you both. Try stay strong x

  • Hi Beth

    Just read your 1st post do hope things work out for you.Thanks for your kind message you too stay strong Craig x.

  • Thank you for all your kind messages Ladies. Craig x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I agree that a second opinion would be worth persuing . I am often amazed by number of women on this site that are given a poor prognosis but end up doing much better than expected. That said I appreciate you are at a point where quality of life is the priority . I hope you get the help and support from the medical team and your friends and family at this impossibly difficult time. You both are in my thoughts and prayers . Don't underestimate the power of love to help your partner deal with this burden . I often think it is the one thing in life that this disease has not or cannot touch.


  • HI Craig I think Susan has said it all, some of us have done far better than expected so never ever give up on your partner maybe try that second opinion you never know until you do, sending you best wishes

  • As others have said I would definitely get a 2nd opinion, then even if that is the same.....with regard to side effects, how much will a trial effect the quality of life?

    If very badly then of course it's something to seriously consider, but if it only impacts on life quality, then a possible 3-6 months, or touch wood even longer, would be worth doing.

    Good luck in whatever you both decide.

  • Craig I would definitely recommend a second opinion. I don't want to give you false hope or upset you as I and can only share my own personal story and experiences with you. You may have already explored all the options and I hope I don't upset or offend you writing this.

    At the point I was diagnosed it had already spread to my liver, bowels and diaphragm. I was 39 and within days of being diagnosed was given weeks to live back in Mar 2014. I went for a second opinion and here I am writing this post. During this period actually had a year treatment free. I'm back on chemo at the moment but it's working again. I've had a good quality of life even during my treatment.

    I know this is a very individual journey and don't know where you are being treated but Christies and the Marsden seem to come up here a lot as cancer centres of excellence. My Oncologist is a wonderful man that I have so much respect for and he saved my life but after what I've experienced on this journey if he told me we were at your wife's stage I would seek a second opinion if not only to satisfy myself that there were no other options.

    There is so much support and knowledge on here and if there is anything that you need advice on there will be many women that could help you both. They are wonderful.

    Thinking of you all.

    Julie X

  • Hi Julie

    Thanks ladies for all the kind post.

    My partner does not want to go ahead with trial,back at Christies next week to talk about chemo options.

    But the way she is feeling i don't think she is going to do that either.

    I really feel she as given up and does not want anymore treatment.

    I have talked about going for a 2nd opinion but she does not seem interested.

    Craig x.

  • It's a very difficult decision especially when you're struggling mentally. Maybe when you meet them to discuss chemo options it may give her a bit more hope and she could get that fight back. This disease can be so tiring and I'm sure there are a lot of us that would confess that we often think of giving up. Sending love and prayers for you both x

  • Sorry my message was to you juilie40

  • Hi lol was just reading your reply hope everything going well for you did you beat your liver cancer what treatment were you given just asking because my mum got diagnosed bowel cancer and spread to liver it big tumor in liver they giving her chemo to try reduce tumor so they can operate to cut out plus cut and rejoin bowel at same time did you have similar

  • Hi Julie, your story is so uplifting. Thank you for sharing it. I'm new to this forum but I already learned a lot from people's experiences. We can beat this horrible disease!! Tight Huggs to all of us.. Xxxx

  • Hi Craig, I can't add anything to the wise words already written above but would like to offer my prayers and best wishes for a more positive outcome than you are expecting. Wishing you both much love, comfort and support. Sandra x

  • Hi Craig. Having read the other replies I will just add my prayers as they have said it all. Just to let you know that the usual prognosis for my particular version PPC is usually 2 years and I am now in my 5th year with no recurrence. There is always hope.


  • The choice has to be yours but what if in six to eight months there is something new they can do? I keep holding on to hope.

  • Prayers of healing and comfort for you both.

  • So many prayers for you and your partner,Craig. Judy

  • Sending you and your partner my sincerest best wishes.

    Is there a chance that the trial drug could also alleviate some of the cancer symptoms i.e. make your partner feel a little better overall, in spite of possible side effects?

  • Hi Craig, I'm sorry you and your partner have been given this news. A second opinion is definitely worth exploring. I live near Julie and we meet regularly. Shge is doing amazing now after her initial diagnosis.

    Thinking of you both.

    Ann x

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