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Belated Happy New Year

Here's hoping that next year brings peace and happiness to everyone on the site and for those on our journey who haven't found it yet. I have had so much help from this forum. Thanks to everyone who responds to posts and who writes about their own experience. I am now 5 years from diagnosis with stage 3/4 and didn't expect to still be here, even though I'm on treatment for second recurrence. Looking forward to seeing my daughters and a few of the grandchildren over the next couple of weekends, and, with luck, enjoying another summer when this round of treatment is over.

Hugs to everyone.

Lesley xx

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Hi Lesley Happy New Year to you also, I wish you peace and plenty of time with your grand children yet. I am down the road quite some time too and at present have finished Avastin after second recurrence. I am doing okay. My grandson is now four and a half, something I thought I would never see. My son is getting married next April and that was always put in the distance as you do but now time is beginning to run away and no mother of the groom outfit in sight. I did go looking and came home with sketchers. I dont know what that tells me apart from the fact nothing took my fancy at the time. So finish that treatment and look forward to enjoying the summer, I think we deserve a good one after all this rain we have got here.


Best to you! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year. Enjoy your family.


Happy New Year to you too Lesley. My wish for you is to have a succesful outcome for your treatment. Maybe this will be the year of a breakthrough for all women who live in that world of uncertainty we found ourselves in from the moment of diagnosis. We deserve to be treated equally with access to the latest drugs and treatment available. It is so good that you are now 5 years from diagnosis and here's to many more years to come for you . Stay smiling. Hug coming your way !


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