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Anxious saw

Saw my oncologist yesterday prior to having my 5th chemo tomorrow. Had my scan results three weeks ago and was told the disease was stable .Have been having trouble with my tummy in as much as it feels sore and uncomfortable sometimes especially when I have been sitting .My oncologist prescribed some pain relief and didn't seem concerned .I also have a permanent drain fitted which is drained once a week .Has any of you ladies had problems with tummy discomfort whilst on chemo .Getting really stressed about it .Lol Jean xx

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HI Jean, I also have aches and especially at the site of the tumour. I am off the Avastin now and the pain is subsiding but definitely having withdrawals symptoms as in tummy cramps now and again. I dont have a drain but that must cause some discomfort. I assume you are having ct scans and your oncologist is happy enough with you. I hope the painkillers kick in soon.


Thanks for your reply. Had CT Scan three weeks ago and was told that the disease was static .I must admit my mind has gone into overdrive. Oncologist seems okay about it .Saw her yesterday. My next scan is due after my last chemo early January .Lol Jean xx


Jean we always worry, my last scan was stable too. My gp said to me that surgery and chemo are alien to our bodies and so we do suffer pains and aches because our insides have been interferred with, So I would think it is nothing to worry about and your oncologist isnt worried. Mind yourself and dont be pulling and dragging coming up to Xmas


Hi Jean,

I had a drain fitted just before my chemo started and it was awful 😕 I was fortunate enough to have it removed after my second round of chemo but it still feel tender in that area from time to time, have just had my 5th chemo. I too was told by my oncologist and support nurse that it will take a long time to heal as the body has a lot to deal with in terms of the chemo.

Hope that puts your mind to rest

Asma x


Thanks for your reply and for helping to put my mind to rest .We seem to have to endure so much. Good luck with your chemo. Love Jean xx


Yes mine's been upset for a while after my first chemo this time (third line) but is just settling down as I move into the third week. If you've had a scan and that shows no cause for concern I expect it's a side effect.


Hi Jean , yes i have abdo pain , have for a long time, cramps. i use my heat blanket that helps.But i expect it as i also have peritoneal cancer. Sometimes its really bad if i walk any distance,it feels like a dragging pain. Try not to worry too much,i know its hard not to. But as you said your Oncologist knows about it. Love Meg xxxx


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