Black outs when I stand

Morning lovely ladies.

So when I stand I get blackouts, have tried standing slowly and taking a deep breath before standing but none of these seem to make a difference. Does anyone else experience this? I have my chemo on Thursday and am a little worried my bloods might not be soo good because of this. Although I feel fine other than that.

Any advice would be great


Asma xxx

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  • Hi Asma have they checked your blood iron levels? I had the dizzies and palpitations before they discovered I was severely anaemic. Hope you get some answers and a solution soon xx

  • Hi ,

    There can be many reasons why your experiencing blackouts on standing but this should be looked at sooner rather then later. You may be aneamic or your blood pressure is dropping as you stand up, it could be something to do with chemo. Can you ring the nhs 111 for advise reassurance .

    Good luck xx

  • I'd be in touch with the oncology team as they will know the drugs you're on and the likely effects. Blackouts are often associated with low blood pressure. Can you contact your team tomorrow first thing? It's a good idea to get it sorted out.

    Meanwhile take care when standing up! Sounds a bit precarious. xxx loads of love Annie

  • Hi

    That happened to me! We sleep in the loft and I was between 2 lots of chemo when I needed the loo through the night. I got up and the next thing I remember was lying on my back in the bathroom having crashed down the stairs. Certainly scary. Went to my GP and he tested my blood pressure. There was a difference between my standing and sitting levels. He said get from lying to sitting slowly, rest a minute and have a sip of water before getting up to walk. Take it slowly probably is your blood pressure I am sure for me it was the chemo but get checked out to set your mind at rest. Good luck

    Mopsie xx

  • Hi

    This happened to me about the fourth day after chemo. Got up from lying on sofa and passed out completely. Paramedic was called and he checked my blood pressure and general obs but they were all fine. Went very dizzy and nearly passed out after another bout of chemo. Onc put it down to low blood pressure so it's a case of get up slowly and keep well hydrated. Hope this helps but do get yourself checked out.

    Travy x

  • Thank you ladies, it's low blood pressure. They are not too concerned as I'm starting Avastin on Thursday which will raise the blood pressure x

  • When I first had chemo my blood pressure dropped 30 points when standing from a sitting position. It sorted itself out after chemo. Take care 😊 Carole

  • Hi Asma,

    Had this and was severely anaemic and given 2 blood transfusions.Then had low blood pressure after biopsy,quite scary! At least you know what it is and keeping hydrated and taking things slowly does help,

    Take care xxx

  • Please contact your oncology 24 hr helpline at your unit. You need this checked asap. Good luck. Ann x

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