Staying positive can be tough

Well I'm still here. diagnosed Feb 2014 stage 3c both ovaries. bit of a shock coz hadn't had a day off sick in 10 years! Debulk surgery April 2014 followed by full course chemo (18 weeks became 22 due to platelet issues). Had to give up work instantly on diagnosis as job involved lifting & company insurance wouldn't allow me to continue. Have been supported by so many friends and neighbours who I can never thank enough. I lost my hair & eyelashes which was so depressing. Hair is beginning to grow back but is horrible, thin & wiry and eyelashes keep falling out. Still wearing the wig! Have had to make nuisance of my self at hospital as not one of my appointments has come through on time> still waiting for my 12 month review date which should have been in October. I have insisted on being positive. I will not give in to this. Last week I went back to work. Everything has changed, so much new technology but I will master it. Yes it is physically very hard & I am exhausted but I am back! When you get that first diagnosis it seems like the end of the world. It is a new chapter but the best medicine I have found is defiance. Live to the max & don't waste time worrying why you or wishing it wasn't you. I will not focus on what I can't do but revel in what I can still achieve.

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  • Absolutely! That's the maxim I live by! Embrace each day! The bugger hasn't got us yet! ! Xx

  • Hi. Love your name and attitude! I'm believe I have the same attitude. I always bring to mind something my late boss used to say 'Don't let the b*****d grind you down Kathy' . You go girl! Your spirited post made me smile. Best wishes xx

  • Thanks for sharing your story, this is so positive and inspiring. I hope you get your appointment through soon, let us know how it goes xxx

  • You're amazing. What an inspiring post - thank you. I hope you get that 12-month review very soon and it's good news. Keep kicking, RockChick!

    Kerry x

  • " Defiance is the best medicine " ....That , I love !

    Go girl ! Go !

  • I have always tried to be positive as regards my health, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 20 years ago. The possible diagnosis of oc seems to be a further kick in the teeth! However, I will do what I have become used to doing FIGHT! I hope you're continuing to be as well as possible love n hugs Carol x

  • Rockchick54

    You are inspirational and have my feeling to a T! Who needs hair and eyelashes ? A funky wig,fake tan and smudgy eyeliner does the power of good.

    Keep fighting xxx

  • You have a fantastic attitude. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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