First I want to thank all of you for all your advice, I know you ladies have gone thru so much and to have someone bombard with questions might be annoying but please understand how sick I am. My question is if I have a cyst and it goes away little by little is that a good sign? Or is there still a possibility cancer has already spread? I spoke to my gyno today pushing for a biopsy and according to her she thinks no need.... So I pushed for an earlier ultrasound . I am confused because when I found out I had the cyst Dr SD size was 1.6 cm this was on 10/10 I got an other ultrasound on 10/22 that said it 1.7 cm and when I was in the hospital this Sunday she SD it was 1.3 cm buttttt the big but is that on 10/10 Dr told me 1.6 cm but the ct scan report says 22mm. So I am hoping its shrinking but at the same time all these reports are so confusing... Today I was in a better mood thinking positive so I tried to take a nap and woke up vomiting... I'm going to go pick up the second test of ca125... I hope its the same ad the last time..... God bless you all xoxo

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  • Perhaps you are overly anxious. I think you just need someone to be able to sit down with you and explain this to you. Is there a health professional iie Manager at the hospital or Doctors surgery who can listen to your concerns and explain these to your Doctor on your behalf, if your doctor is not listening to you. Make an appointment, write down what you want to ask and what your worries and concerns are.

  • Thank you for your respons cvbn, the gyno did say if it shrinks on its own then it isn't cancer, I guess I just have to wait and see but it feels like each day is an eternity.... It is 2:45 am here in California and my night sweats don't let me rest.... I just want answers... Being this I'll is horrible... I'm currently waiting to talk to a counselor.

  • Try to do something to take your mind off worrying. California is a beautiful place. Go walking, cycling swimming, keep busy instead of dwelling on this. Listen to relaxing music. You will be seeing the counselor soon so try to remain as positive as possible. Also get out and socialise with friends and family. Let us know how you get on.

  • Perhaps you could try the helpline on the ovacome website. It's manned by specialist nurses. X

  • LittleSan how do I get in touch with them?

  • Google ovacome and you will be directed to their website and the number is on there. X

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