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Bulky ovary

Hello in July I strated to have pain in my pelvis fulling bloated and feeling tried most of the time my lymph nodes were also up. I when to my doctors he did all the blood test wish were normal apart from one. On Monday the 19 I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes remove because of a mass found in my pelvis and cysts on my ovaries the consultant as said he had to send my left ovary off to be tested as it was very bulky can any one help me with any advice very worried x

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Hi Dotty, welcome to our forum. I'm sorry I can't offer advice re the bulky ovary. What I will say though is your team seem to be looking after you, you have had surgery and its just a case of waiting for the results. I have found that waiting for results is tough, your mind will naturally run away with you. I try to switch off until I'm told, I definitely don't go googling, I did in the beginning and I would not recommend it. Take little walks in the morning then lie on the sofa in the afternoon and watch a film. An adult colouring book and some pencils will really relax the mind too. Good luck. Ann x

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Thank Ann I know the waiting does get you worried

I have never heard of a bulky ovary just wonder if anyone else as. I talk the little walk in the morning and than rest. They told me not to do anything for 12 weeks as the taken both ovaries and fallopian tubes and they done adhesions wish my bulky ovary was involved in. Keep getting emotional because I can't do anything.Thank You For Reply. Dot x


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