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Ca125 level has risen

Went for my 3 month check and my ca125 has risen from 15 to 64, am now having a CT scan to see what's going on, I must admit I was hoping for a bit longer without any treatment, oncologist has mentioned hormone tablets or more chemo depending on results :(

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I am sorry , you must be disappointed . Have you been offered hormone tablets before? I wonder why that may be an option for treatment. I have been told I will be offered hormone treatment to shrink a fibroid by stopping the blood supply. I am not very keen on this option as I have had breast cancer and my mum has also had it.

I really hope they don't keep you waiting too long for your CT as I know how awful the waiting is. You sound like a positive person , I wish you the very best on what ever treatment plan your consultant suggests.

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Thank you, my onc has mentioned it before, don't know too much about it so have got my scan on Wednesday then results on 16th October so will wait and see what options I have depending on results. Thank you x

I bet you were.... but don't jump the gun, your CA125 may be rising without the scan ( yet) showing what's going on.

They don't generally suggest treatment until they know that.

It took 3 scans over 5 months after mine started going up to get that picture.

Whatever, and whenever, it's a real downer. I hope at least the sun's shining where you are today. xx

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Yes going to try not to worry just yet, see what the scan shows, thank you and yes it's been a lovely day xx

Hope it's just a blip with your CA125. It's not much of a rise so it's possible it could come back down. I just had my first 3month check after finishing 2nd line in April. Weston park don't automatically check your CA125. They prefer to ask how you have been and whether you have had any problems. I was worried that I might be bloated so I was checked over and told they couldn't identify anything. I was offered the blood test but decided against it as I didn't want the worry of waiting for result. I now feel fine!

I have decided to go along with this process of not having a regular CA125. I got 18 months between 1st and2nd line treatment. I was feeling great but whilst at the Doctors for a non related problem I had to have blood tests so I asked for the CA125 whilst they were doing them. My reading came back over 1000 so I was referred back to my Onc. The CT confirmed it was back and I had chemo again. However, my Onc did tell me that had I not had the blood test and instead waited for symptoms, I could have gone 2 years or more. It's so hard knowing what is your best option. I mean, as if having the damned thing wasn't bad enough!

Good luck

Annette xxx

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I must admit I feel really well and don't have any symptoms so will just wait to see what my CT scan shows. It's good to know about other people's experiences with OC. All the best to you xx

What a merry-go-round we're all on! I hope and pray the CA-125 has risen for other's not always the beast that's back. Prayers coming your way.....Judy

Thank you x

Hi, in August 14 I was in same position. CA125 checked at onc clinic. It came back at 47, it had been 19 in the March that year. The subsequent CT scan confirmed it was back in 3 lymph nodes in pelvis. They were small and I was able to go on watch and wait. Have been on that for just over a year now. Go tomorrow for verdict on latest of my 3 monthly scans!

Good luck with your scan. If you're happy to go on watch and wait then go for it. I have had a great year and been on two foreign holidays. I hope I can continue on this too!

Ann x

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Thank you it's good to know. Hope it continues xx

When I had my ca125 monitored over several months it was at 152 at peak and 57 at lowest but never received any referral to an oncologist and have never seen one or a gynae since symptoms indicate I don't have IBS as assumed,yet no one has given me any definite reason for huge has changed from bloating to general obesity to menopausal to my age to truncal obesity and not accept I have had a non existent appetite for years or weight increase is abdominal.I've had ultrasound s and which they claim are normal but no more in depth scans.think my only way to get one is to go to A&e,.

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