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Am away for a couple of days in donegal ireland with my 3 daughters. had pain in side and felt extremely tired so i went to gp on monday to get blood count and tumour marker done. As you know my tumours were tiny so oncologist said she would leave me 3 mths. and rescan me. i was due this at end of july. My gp rang me this morning to tell me ca125 up from 74 to 373! Had to ring my husband to tell him and got upset. This is the longest break I have had between treatments, I have had ,9mths. My gp. is ringing oncoligist to get the scan brought forward.Am once again gutted to have to start this regime again for the 4th time in less than 4 yrs. Lifes a bitch!

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  • What a bast&$**d this disease is, Una. So sorry that you will have to face more of the treatment so soon. Just wanted to send hugs to you.(((xxx)))

    It's such a shock at the moment, but I'm sure you'll think your way through this and reach a point where you can see a way through it. I have so admired your humour, common sense and your strength in your previous posts, and I am sure this will help you to get through. For today though, shout and scream and swear, cos, yes, it's a bitch. Cyberhugs to you.

    Love Wendy xx

  • cant even let it all out wendy as my 3 daughters have taken me for a mini break so am trying not to spoil it for them. One of my daughters lives in londON so its harder for her as she lives away from home.Even more depressing good morning is doing interview on people dying in palitive care!!I dont need to watch this. Am doing road collection for n.i. hospice on friday and having a fundraiser in july for hospice. Will just keep busy and focused wendy as cancer cant kill my spirit unless i allow it to, and that is not an option. thanks for the support wendy.xxx

  • So sorry Una you are in my thoughts and prayers love x G x

  • Rotten news for you, Una. I hope they get on with the scan and treatment quickly and that you get another respite.


    Linda xx

  • Dear Una

    This is indeed a rotten bit of news to process while you're away. I'm not one for expletives but I'm in a swearing mood on your behalf. If no urgent action is required why did your GP interrupt your break away with your girls. We all need to remember to tell our teams if we're on a cancer holiday not to worry us unless there's an immediate call for action.

    However, I guess the pain in your side and exhaustion has been worrying you and I daresay limiting what you feel able to do.

    Scream away to us. I can imagine exactly how you feel not wanting to spoil this special holiday away with your girls in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

    Time to recap, if it helps, to reflect on how much you've achieved and all you've done for the NI Hospice and for the women of N Ireland. Sometimes when we get down we forget to remember what we have achieved and what has made your remission so far so worthwhile.

    with loads of love, hugs, and a cup of Bewleys tea.

    xxxx Annie

  • Hi Una

    How awful for you- it's such a horrible disease - you can never escape it.My thoughts are with you.

    Anne x

  • Hi Una

    So sorry to hear this. It is an awful blow.


  • So sorry Una. And a great shame that you got the news whilst having a break away. Hoping for better days to come for you.

    Sending love & hugs

    Mary xxx

  • Oh Una, I am so so sorry. Like you say, life's a real bitch sometimes. You won't let this cripple you, I can tell. But v tough to keep it all bottled up. Like above, I do think it was a bit insensitive to interrupt your break with this - though at least it explains why you've felt a bit dodgy. Hope you can push this down for the duration, and simply relish the time with your lovely daughters. Makes these times together even more precious, I suspect.


    Sue xxx

  • Una sorry to hear your news this b of an illness. You have a great fighting spirit . Sending love and hug

    Ally x

  • Oh Una I am so sorry to hear this , what rotten luck. I do hope that time with your lovely daughters will help lift your spirits as much as is possible.

    You are such a tough girl , I am sure you will get through this

    Love and hugs

    Charlie xxx

  • thanks charlie . Am putting a brave face on it as dont want to spoil our time together but truthfully jut want to be home with hubby and lick my wounds, recharge my batteries and let battle commence!!!x

  • thank you all for your support and kind comments.We are all on this journey together.A journey no one wants to go on, a club no one wants to join! At least we have each other to lean on and to talk too, which makes the whole experience so much bearable. Thank you all you lovely people,. because even though you have all your own problems you make time to support others.xx

  • Good luck x

  • All the best. Thinking of you.

    Lots of love,

    Eileen xx

  • So sorry to hear that una. Chemo is so difficult and wearing. I hope your scan is not too bad and perhaps you could get some quality time before starting treatment.. I managed 8 months between first and second line so understand the dissapoinent. Good luck sharon

  • Thinking of you and sending you lots of love Amanda xxx

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