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Hi, Hope all you ladies are well today?

Ended up going to the docs last week for anti sickness pills, i'm glad I did, they make the day a bit better plus they are helping me sleep longer at night.

Starting to get a bit scared now as my MRI gets closer, every time I think about it or someone mentions its my stomach does flips.

I've got an MRI scan on Monday and an appointment with the doc on Oct 7th. If the MRI comes back as I've got oc will they call me in sooner or do they just tell you your results at the appointment?

Have a good day ladies, I'm off to see a Blues Brothers tribute act near me tonight, must admit until I got the anti sickness pills I wasn't going as I was feeling so rough! :)

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Hi, I just got my results at the appointment. They didn't equivocably confirm my diagnosis until after the lab reports on the tissue following my hysterectomy.

Glad you've got the sickness sorted out.

Good luck with waiting game - it's horrid isn't it?

X X x


Are you clear of OC now? The waiting game is like mental torture, you try not to keep thinking have I or haven't I, what if I have, what about my kids, etc etc..Just want to to know now if i have OC or not and for them to take out the 4inch alien on my ovary! I had a subtotal hysterectomy 3yrs ago, as i didnt want to take HRT as my mum and her mum died of breast cancer, think i made the wrong decision there.

Feel so ill all the time but made the effort last night go out with family and friends, to see a blues brothers act, got to the ex serviceman's club at 8, by 9.30 I was home as I felt so ill. Then i felt bad as my partner came home too...told him to stay there but he refused. There was a time not so long ago when I could stay out till very early hours, lol.

I hope you are well now 😊 xxx


Ooh gosh - such a lot going on in your head Hev. You must be exhausted with your thoughts and anxieties never mind what's going on in your body!

No am not totally cancer free but it is currently under control and I am learning to live with it. I was diagnosed over 4 years ago and had over three years free. At initial diagnosis I had two large tumours on my ovaries and several nodules where it had spread around my peritoneal cavity.

I can relate to everything you say and I do worry about my family more than I worry about myself! Talking of family, my Mum had ovarian cancer - a 5inch tumor and she's still here after 18 years!

I do think my worst times are when I'm waiting for results. I am fraught, yet when I have the results I get on with it!

Try to be kind to yourself. It sounds like you're hard on yourself and feeling guilty without reason (wrong decision on hysterectomy , your partner having to come home.....). Try to get rid of the guilt as it will add to your exhaustion. You didn't ask to be ill. It's a rainy day - let others carry the umbrella for a while. (I am still working on my unnecessary guilt and am getting better).

Let us know how you get on.

Much love. X x


Glad you and uour mum are doing well. Hopefully your latest set back will soon be rectified and you'll be cancer free again soon...I'm trying to be positive on it being treatable, that's even if it is OC and not just a cyst (although I doubt the latter)

My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer Just after his 21st, he had a rare one, but was totally treatable, he's now 24 and in his 2nd year of remission.

I have found this site helps mentally as you can talk to others who are going/have been through the same, if you haven't experienced it, it's hard for others to actually get what you're going through.

Take care, will update on Tuesday.



Hi, the MRI will be reported by a Consultant Radiologist who will ensure your consultant gets the results. Usually Consultants blike to give you results face to face. I would recommend that you have someone vwith you when you go for results, just in case. Good luck. Ann x

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