Since starting on this life changing journey in Aug 2015 I have had serious digestive problems as I'm sure you ladies can relate to. I know know which foods will make me extra gassy and give my tummy cramps, beans, nuts, anything fried and all types of anti sickness tablets 😤

I'm just looking for advice on what you ladies do to aid digestion, is there a magic pill I can take to make it all normal again?



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  • Despite considerable skepticism, I found a series of reflexology sessions really helped my digestion post treatments... It was also a very relaxing , positive experience & a great foot massage!! Sx

  • Reflexology was amazing when I had it last.... I should book another session!

    Thank you x

  • I'm on twice daily Omeprazole tablet plus the low fibre low reside diet which I have been told to follow in my particular situation. Can your GP refer you to a Nutritionist? Again with my recurrence and ascites and bowel issues the hospital one contacted me and that was very helpful too.

    There's a fine balance needed with our bowels and whilst someone may NEED fibre , others like me have to avoid it.

    Sorry I can't provide more info but think you should be informed if you NEED fibre or should AVOID fibre!

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I have since been to see a nutritionist, who was amazing seems I have developed a gluten intolerance 😕

  • I have found that anything with yeast and now, seemingly, flour really doesn't agree with me, if I eat them I seem to bloat like mad and get tummy ache/a knot like feeling and then need a kite (sorry, just my sense of humour, I get really windy!😂) I've found that if I eat a fairly high fibre diet with loads of fruit and veggies, and plenty of protein I'm fine. I've tried the gluten free breads and cereals but they're fairly grim and really expensive. I get my complex carbs from oats which, so far, are fine. I really really miss toast and marmite but this is a double whammy with flour and yeast so avoid it hey ho, what can you do?

    I don't think that any two of us will be the same but could be an interesting topic to see what eating patterns are out there post treatment. The chemo obviously does something to our digestive systems, it has been suggested to me that my eating difficulties could be connected to my peripheral neuropathy, this was from a non medical person but an interesting thought, I may need to research this. I can see a spreadsheet coming on 😊. I was fine post op but post chemo not so good.

    I really hope you find something to settle your digestion, do let us know how you get on and if you find something that settles you that may be useful to other ladies. Good luck ❤xx Jane

  • Hi there, This is a really interesting subject. I gave up eating bread for a year or so,this was prior to being treated for cancer. A friend of mine in France has not eaten bread now for about 7 years, as she was advised it is the wheat content that screws up the intestine in some people. I have now started to eat sourdough bread which is more digestible but obviously still contains wheat. I thought I would tell you that if you find oats ok you can in fact buy oat bread in M&S,or should I say they did have it,whether still do I cannot say. Regarding diet I now find that I cannot eat chilli concarni,but life goes on & I just avoid these sort of things.

  • I will certainly have a look at M&S and see what they have. Tesco used to do an oat bread but stopped it as there wasn't sufficient demand. It's seems to the yeast more than the flour but it could possibly just be a combination of the two although wine and beer don't agree with me too much these days, oh the trials and tribulations 😊. It's not too bad from a weight point of view though so there's always an upside. Will let you know. How M&S works out. Thank you for your feedback ❤xx Jane x

  • Will look up oat bread sounds interesting. Thank you x

  • Thank you. I'm on a gluten free diet.... I miss dunking my crusty bread rolls in my soups 😕

    Gluten free bread is awful.. ones I have tried anyway!

  • Hi Asma

    I had the big OC op in 2011 and my digestive system has taken this long to settle although I don't think it will ever get back to what was 'normal'

    My doctors advice is eat small amounts often. I never eat potatoes or bread it's not worth the heavy bloated feeling it leaves me with.

    Aloe Vera digestive juice is very good from Holland and Barrat, it soothes the stomach so maybe you could give it a try. I also take milk of magnesia when needed as I also get constipated quite easily since the op.

    If you haven't seen your dr for advice then this should be your first option and see what they recommend for you.

    Let us know how you go on as I'm sure lots of us will be very interested in your outcome.

    Looking on the bright side of this😋 It does help to keep the weight down 👙 👗 👠 👯

    Take care



  • The weight control is definitely a positive 😊

  • Have you looked into probiotics at all?. V.S.L. 3, made by ferring are the medical grade probiotics used in clinical trials for many conditions, though there obviously are others on the market. It may be worth you looking into, and speaking to your team about. best wishes, marie. x x

  • Thank you, my doc recommended yogurts but they all have soo much sugar and I'm avoiding dairy. I have ordered some probiotics though.

  • Hello Asma

    My holistic doctor recommends a powder that you mix with juice or water I think, called 'Intestinal Tone' She says it is brilliant for dodgy digestions, but I have not tried it yet. You get it online from the Total Wellbeing Group.co.uk under Digestive Health. Hope you manage to sort it out as it's miserable having a bad tummy. X

  • In two week I have my first visit with my new Primary Dr, now that I am 15 months out from my last chemo. I daily need (1 dose) of Gaviscon before sleep for heartburn. I continue to take a stool softener (for about 2.5 years since the cancer diagnosis); plus Tamazapam for sleep. I really haven't thought about the effects of post chemo on my digestion, and this is very interesting to consider. I will need to discuss this with my new Dr. in addition to being diagnosed as diabetic (same time as cancer dx). I've been eating just about anything goes (not so many sweets)- and might need to discuss some changes in my diet too..... Interesting.....

  • Definitely a good idea to discuss it with docs. My doc was a bit rubbish if I'm honest but was referred to a nutrient who was amazing!

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