Flipped out - sorta

We had a Macmillan Coffee morning here at work, I didn't arrange it and was fine with it, fully supported it but the oddest thing happened.... I walked into the room and got two steps in and had to make my excuses and leave. I felt like the token cancer victim. It wasn't anything anyone said or did but I suddenly felt part of a club I didn't want to be in and now I feel like crying. I nearly left the office to go for a walk but I didn't and I haven't cried just feel very emotional. How odd. Probably the first time in 8 years I think I've felt like this........ different. God I hate Cancer!

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  • Hi Kat

    Sending a huge hug. I think it does catch you unawares like that. I hope you have someone there you can share this with. I think everyone here will have had just such a moment.

    I hope the coffee morning was a great success and all the cakes were sold.

    xx love Annie

  • Thanks Annie. It was a great success just a shame I coulnt feel like joining in. Thanks for the hug, appreciated xx

  • Hi Kat,

    Nobody ever knows how we are going to react in a given situation, sometimes emotions just overwhelm us and we are not sure of the reason! I would not spend too much time thinking about the reason, as you will never find an answer. I think we have emotions that lay dormant and these situations are there to help us to let go of emotion, so release it when you are able, you often feel better!!!!

    Horrible to feel like this and not be in control, but you were wise walking away. Sending huge hugs and positive vibes.

    xxx Janette

  • My GP surgery was having one and invited me. I couldn't face going and I think that was for similar feelings to yours. xx

  • thanks for your reply, glad to see im not the only one feeling like this. xx

  • Totally understandable and you have handled it really well. There was a Macmillan coffee morning and cake sale at my daughter's primary school yesterday - I made some cakes for it, dropped them off and left. I just couldn't do the whole thing for the same reason.

  • Thanks for your reply, its a relief to know im not the only one who cant handle it. I just saw everyone and couldnt take part as I felt the odd one out. Still cant decide why I felt like that but its passing slowly now so hopefully I'll get over it. Onwards and upwards !

  • How very strange or apparently not. Its the club we don't want to belong to again...

  • I fully understand as I was invited to a Macmillan coffee morning and chickened out as I felt that I would be center of attention and it is bad enough having to talk about my cancer to friends all the time.

  • Sorry to hear that. The emotional side can creep up and whallop us at the most unexpected moments. I hope you feel stronger soon.

  • Big hug coming your way. xo

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