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I am 53 and have been told I have acomplex cyst on my left ovary and need surgery imminently to remove ovaries. And Fallopian tube had one Fallopian tube removed because of ectopic pregnancy. I have an increase waist size making me look as if I am heavily pregnant! I had a hysterectomy at 25 for endometriosis . A family history of breast cancer and abdominal cancer on my mothers side. Should I be worried?

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Hello Bobbysgirl,

Welcome to this site you will get lots of information and support here.

Have you had a CA125 blood test? Did you get any indication from your consultant that cancer is suspected?

Complex cysts can be a number of things and I imagine the only way to find out exactly what yours is will be the histology tests on it after your surgery. How long do you have to wait for your surgery? The waiting is very difficult isn't it?

I also have a complex mass which I am still waiting to hear if it is something to worry about. Most of the time these cyst are not cancer but it sounds as if you are getting the appropriate care and there are lots of treatments available if our cysts turn out to be cancer.

I am trying to keep positive as I also have family history of breast cancer. Once I know whats going on I can cope much better. Lets hope we both have good results xxx


Thanks for your reply. CA125 was unremarkable. However I am having the op within a fortnight and will have the histology 7-10 days later. Cancer has been mentioned but the doc said lets hope for the best. Let's hope we both have good outcomes regards Carol

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I hope your op goes smoothly and the histology comes back normal for you. Two weeks is not long but if you are worrying it can feel like a life time ! many of the ladies on this site have been through what you are experiencing so keep asking questions or just pop in for a chat, they are very supportive.

Like you my CA125 is only 16 but I still don't even know what or where my mass is yet.

Please let us know how you get on and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Carol, you have been through the medical wars, and getting news of complex cysts and more surgery is hard.

While my own medical history is different - I would urge you to talk to the Doctor/GP or is you have access to a cancer support group in your area - talk to them, and tell them you fears & concerns. They will advise better than me.

But I wanted to send you warm wishes and hugs and hope that surgery will resolve the issue.

Daisies xx


Thank you so much for your heartfelt reply and I will talk to gp and support group. You have been so kind not treating me like a hysteric! Thanks again. Carol


Hi Carol, welcome to this forum. You're having surgery fairly soon and the histopathology results will follow soon after. With regard to CA125, many ladies on this forum had no rise in their CA125 prior to diagnosis. There are lots of treatments available so if you do happen to have Ovarian Cancer, don't despair too much. We will support you. Wishing you all the best for your surgery and results. Plan on some nice DVDs to watch whilst recovering from surgery. Ann xo


Hi Carol I had exactly the same as you, a previous hysterectomy leaving overies then this year in Feb discovered that I had a large complex cyst on my left overy. I had the opp 19 th March but the cyst ruptured in the opp. Everything went to be examined and it came back as stage 1c. I have completed six sessions of chemotherapy and now returned back to work. I had carboplatin so didn't loose my hair. My ca125 was only 28 before my opp last time it was checked it was 5.

I am not saying that this is what yours is but what I am trying to say if it is bad news you can get through it. There are a lot of reasons you get cysts and I know it hard but try not to worry.

Please keep in touch and let us know your results, don't worry too much about the opp few days in hospital and you will be home watching day time TV . Fingers crossed take care x

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Thanks so much for your reply, everyone has been so supportive in this forum! I have been overwhelmed by you all. Will let you know how I get on. Thinking of you and hope you continue to do well. Carol


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