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Any advice ?

Hi have been told I have a 10cm adenexal ovarian cyst. I have had the blood tests and for CA125 and CEA levels. it was discovered after a routine scan as admitted to hospital with severe kidney infection. I have now been ref to a gyno consultant and another scan to be done. I have not had the results back from the tests and appointment came through after discharge within in the two weeks. Any advice of what to ask the consultant at my appointment.

Many thanks

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HI there Kazza74. Well in one way it is good be the sent in the direction of the gynae consult and for scan. The scan should show if there is anything to be worried about. So until you have the results, there is not much the consultant can tell you. Hopefully it wont be as bad as you think. You will probably have a recall apt after the scan and then you can ask questions, ie possibility of malignancy and if so what treatment would be be giving you. If you are are surgery, how long would your stay be etc. That is about it to be going on I think. Wishing you the best and hope your fears wont be realised

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thanks Suzuki

I have had the first scan and appointment made for the gyno after this and then another scan. thanks for the advice. I am keeping open mineded.


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