Are they missing me?

Now I am in remission with no tumours what comes through the door but mammogram appointment and bowel cancer screening. Oncologist cheerfully says do the mammogram, - I could still get cancer there. Rang the hospital for the bowel to explain that I haven't got much bowel left after the surgery and hemicolectomy. Suspect they didn't know what that was. They recognized the word stoma though and said that is where I could get the samples from. Duh.

Talk about missing you and wish you were here! Give me a break will you 😀

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  • I can imagine how you feel, There are times when I feel I should get b and b near the hospital. My gp is a pet but totally thorough especially as a recurrence I had was ignored by my surgeon. So far this year, I get Avastin every three weeks. I had sinus issues and sent to ent consultant who did a camera test and sent me for bloods. Everything negative thank god. But was complaining of piles so now I am getting a colonoscopy. So my file is thicker and thicker because every letter is done four times and copies end back up in my file. I feel I should be getting a medical degree anytime soon and that every doctor in the hospital will know me. Funny thing is that the scope is done first and then you meet the team to get the result. So not looking forward to Friday. I do realise at the back of this that I am lucky, in fact I am more than lucky to be here.

  • At least we keep them out of mischief, Suzuki 😉

  • True after my last scan was having a cuppa and toast in the patients canteen and a hunky doc came over and sat down next to me. Only three tables in there. I had to smile at his selection of food and he in scrubs. Lets put it like this, it wasnt exactly healthy eating.

  • Hi, I had the same had a brief period of remission and during it got an invite for a mammogram. I did ask my oncologist if it was necessary and like yours was told I had to attend, you just think give me a break and surely it would have been picked up on the numerous scans you have! but off I went and it was all clear. You have to smile at it all really otherwise it just gets frustrating.

  • Hi, I've just received an appointment for breast screening, when I rang them to explain that I'm still under my consultant for breast cancer in 2011 they said 'very sorry, although we are in the same building we don't communicate and you will probably receive another request in 3 years as they don't remove anyone from the list in case this results in someone not receiving a checkup.' I know it's a pain and I do get fed up of all the appointments but it's better to get it checked and having both breast and ovarian cancer I'd rather not be missed off the list cos hopefully their will come a day when I no longer have annual mammograms and go back on the 'normal' 3 yearly checkups.

  • I am sorry you have the double whammy. That is tough. I smoked though at the standard left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing in the NHS. Evidence seems to suggest that we are over screened but what to do? If there is any risk we want to know don't we?

  • Your post has just reminded me of a very puzzled radiographer who was scanning my urinary tract and couldn't find my bladder.If he had looked at why he was doing the scan it would have shown that it was an annual check up after my bowel and bladder had been removed due to secondary ovarian cancer.I have two very obvious stoma bags on my stomach which should have been a clue! I get called up for mammograms and bowel screening but don't bother anymore as I have enough medical appointments but it is up to the individual.I seem to know when the cancer is back and have had so much treatment that I am happier not to rush into anything.

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