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I finished my avastin in May after 18 treatments following 6 carbo/taxol, debunking surgery then a further 2 cycles carbo/taxol. I had a good response. Follow up is now 3 monthly with Consultant. Do you ladies have CA125 taken at each visit? I have been told that he wouldn't treat for any recurrence unless I was symptomatic - so not sure that a CA125 is helpful especially if it is rising but I won't be treated. Would that not just cause anxiety?? What have you lovely ladies done? How often are your follow ups? And would you suggest close monitoring with CA125 or enjoy the cancer free time and wait for symptoms? Xx

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Oops I mean debulking - (predictive txt!!) sorry x


Hi I have my Ca125 taken at every review . My consultant says it's a good indication for me it was very high on diagnosis . However I do know some women the Ca125 is not an indication of disease. After finishing first line treatment my ca125 went up on every check up slowly, and I managed 14 months till restarting treatment then I had symptoms and a CT scan confirmed it was back. Was I anxious even with the Ca125 yes and I would have been just as anxious without it . This disease is so hard to live with what ever way but I try to enjoy every day . Good luck. Kris x

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Thank you for you reply. Yes it is very hard to live with!! What treatment did you go on to? X


I'm about to have my 4th carbopaltin and caelyx


Hi, I did 3 years having my ca125 taken every 3 months then went to 6 months and my markers went up. I still really enjoyed my 3 years cancer free despite having such regular blood tests. I do wonder if my recurrence would have got as bad as it did if I'd had my markers tested after 3 not 6 months. Who knows? It really does seem to vary so much with each individual that it's hard to be an exact science.

All the best to you. Sandra x


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