Is colonoscopy a risk for PPC patients ?

My GP has scheduled me for a colonoscopy due. to occasional bleeding from that area. My oncology team seems to think that as PPC is deemed to be a gynae Cancer that apart from my constipation any bowel problem should be referred to a gastroenterologist . Those of you with PPC will have read that the bowel is very much affected and narrowed. Please can anyone out there give me reassurance on this one. The procedure is 27july and my stress levels are already beginning to rise. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom you can offer


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  • Hi there .. If you have bowel problems, then you should be under a bowel consultant. Cancer of the peritoneum which has come from elsewhere, I.e. the bowel, and so has metastatised to the peritoneum, is dealt with by the consultant who would have dealt with the primary growth.

    Primary Peritoneal Cancer is considered a gynaecologist cancer as the peritoneum and the Ovaries have the same embryonic origin and so are treated with the same drugs and the symptoms are managed in the same way.

    So, yes, the bowel is often affected as in gastrointestinal cancers but they are managed by different teams. Xxx

  • Thank you TinaB for your reply. I have been diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer which originates in the Peritoneum and does affect the bowel. I just wanted to know if any PPC women out there have had a colonoscopy and did they have any problems with the procedure. I am probably being too anxious so just need to hear other people's experience. Thanks again Tina

  • Some woman with PPC I've known have had bowel investigations too. I have myself. I don't like that kind of thing but it's just another thing I felt I had to go along with. Xx

  • Thanks TinaB for your very prompt reply. Sometimes you can feel so alone with your worries and knowing that other people have come through the same procedure is such an enormous help.


  • You're very welcome. We're all here for you. Xxx

  • Hi, I had one just before I was diagnosed and already had a small amount of ascites but had no problems with the procedure. It's not very nice obviously but doesn't take too long. Your bleeding is probably internal haemorrhoids as it's common with constipation and my main problems have always been my bowels but once started on Movicol things were a lot better. Hope all goes well. Sue x

  • Thank you so much Sue. You have really reassured me. Although I have Movicol I tend to take Laxose before I take that so I will try to take that instead. Thank you so much for your positive words. It means a lot.

    Hope you are keeping well yourself. Take care xxx

  • Hi Molly O, my gp said he was referring me for colonoscopy as I had a few drops of fresh blood and he did exam himself and thought it was high up. It was gone the next day and hasnt recurred since. He gave me pessaries which cleared up soreness etc and I am absolutely fine. I am in terror waiting for the the apt to come in the letter box. I have no problem now, I feel it was localised same as the nose is from the Avastin. I did ring the gynae liason nurse who said it wasnt screaming OC at her. I had been using anusol or prep H over a period and maybe it was a reaction to that. Cns said try something from Health shop next time around but so far so good. For the test you are sedated but get a drink to clean the tummy the day before and I believe that is the worst part, drinking the stuff and fasting. You may not remember anything until you are woken up after the procedure. You get tea and toast before they let you home. I feel your fear. I wasnt long after ct scan when this happened and the ct scan didnt show up anything irregular so I am hoping for the best

  • Hi Suzuki. Once again you are one of the kind people who came to my aid. I had the procedure twice well over 10 years ago and I now suspect this horrible disease was probably rearing its ugly head even then. I am worried this time as I feel my bowel has got narrow with the ðisease and that it would be more difficult for them to do the procedure so my imagination is working overtime as it always does. Your reassurance is great. I will try not to let my mind run away with my common sense and trust that they know what they are doing..thank you so much for clearing my mind. I will now chat to my lovely sister who is here on a visit. I hope you are feelin good yourself . Take

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