HE4 - New Algorithm proposed to make the CA125 test more accurate

HE4 - New Algorithm proposed to make the CA125 test more accurate

I've just been referred to a paper by the Doctors Laboratory which claims the CA125 test can be made more reliable to improve early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Here's part of the extract. The whole paper can be read at:


Does anyone know anything about this?

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  • Hi Annie, thank you for this information. I have followed the link and found it quite interesting. I hope you are really resting and taking it easy this chemo round. Best wishes

  • haha - yes I am taking it easy on those days I just feel like doing nothing. I've taken up knitting which I find absorbing.

    That news about potentially making CA125 tests accurate would really seem to be a breakthrough to me.

    Sending love xx Annie

  • Interesting read. Thanks for sharing Annie :)

  • Hi Annie. Did not realise you were back on chemo. I trust it has a good outcome for you. Will read the article and use the link you gave us. Many thanks. Take care


  • Hi Jacqui/everyone

    Yes I'm on my third line. How time passes! I've been very lucky and I'm now 4 1/2 years after a diagnosis of a very aggressive Stage 3C ovarian cancer. Life's still good. Chemo's a bit rubbish but it's doing the trick for the time being. I have to think realistically about the next stages.

    Love to everyone today! xx Annie

  • This test is used often in the US. It's available at the clinic I go to and I'd have thought also at the Royal Marsden. It's more expensive than ca125. I gather the thinking at the moment is that if CA125 is a good indicator for a women there's no need for HE4. It's more specific for ovarian cancer and gives a positive result for certain ovarian cancers that don't produce high levels of CA125.

    I hope your chemo works well. Taxol works wonders for some women.


  • Thanks VV. Your posts are always helpful and informative. I'll ask next week about HE4. Keep them on their toes! lol

    If the taxol is as effective on the tumours as it has been on my hair they will all disappear!

    I'm enjoying my baldy status in this lovely hot weather and frees up hairdressing costs for a fee new clothes which has been a treat. xx Annie

  • HE4 has been available privately for several years, however remains unapproved for use in the NHS. It was considered in the last NICE guidelines. From the results of studies into tumour markers NICE has not found any significant advantage into the use of these markers in diagnosing women with ovarian cancer over CA125 . Since their publication of the NICE guidelines into the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer in 2011 there has not been any new evidence to change the guidance that we are aware of. We look forward to any new evidence that may come to light regarding this

    The Ovacome Team

  • See for example this: medscape.com/viewarticle/78... Vx

  • Thanks to the Ovacome Team. It's so confusing these days with regions doing their own thing. I wonder what's happening in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland. I'll ask at the RM later to hear their take on it. Annie

  • Hi Annie

    Thanks for posting the information. The Oc that I was diagnosed with did not register with CA125, as you know, although the tv scan found the tumour. The test for granulosa cell tumours is called 'inhibin' if I remember correctly.

    Hope this lot of chemo passes quickly- if you e-mail me at home I'll send you something to make you smile!!

    Love, Anne xx

  • Annie. A brilliant piece of hope for so many women....we hope. Thanks for the post.

    Hope you are well and that things are stable. I feel good and so glad I took a break, as I am really enjoying the summer - even though we are getting quite a bit of rain. Regards, Maureen

  • It's always good to have hope and each new discovery leads to another.

    I'm well. Tired from the carbo-taxol but finding plenty to occupy myself. We're having plenty of hot sunny weather and then the odd days of rain which is perfect for the garden!

    I'm in London today and tomorrow having treatment and looking at the shoe exhibition at the V&A. Glad to hear your enjoying the summer so much and enjoying your break. xx Annie

  • This was on the news before I saw the oncologist

    sciencedaily.com/releases/2... ,

    so bought it up with him, unusually he dismissed it, when he has always been quite interested in research. May mention it again when I see him next week and take a copy of that article too.

    LA xx

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