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New publication: Guide for Younger Women

Good morning,

We would like to announce the release of a new guide for younger women with ovarian cancer. Ovacome, Ovarian Cancer Action, Target Ovarian Cancer and The Eve Appeal have produced A Younger Woman’s Guide to offer advice and support.

Every year 1,000 women under the age of 50 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. On top of dealing with the emotions of a cancer diagnosis and the physical effects of treatment, younger women often face additional challenges including the loss of fertility and facing an early menopause, undergoing treatment whilst caring for young children, older relatives or a demanding job and struggling to cope with the financial burden a cancer diagnosis presents.

The new guide provides crucial information, advice and signposting to help women through the emotional, physical and psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis.

The Younger Women’s Guide features advice and quotes from women who have experiences of living with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer at a younger age and it was written in consultation with health professionals with expertise in treatment and the impact of treatment. It contains up-to-date information on treatment, relationships, fertility and early menopause. There is also support on coping with the impact cancer has on body image and sexuality, and coming to terms with not being able to have children.

To order your copy please call our support line on 02072996650 or email

Best wishes,

The Ovacome Team.

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I wonder if it might be possible to create a new folder under 'Topics' for Younger Women and to have a copy of this post there please? Hopefully those who may need it most will then find be able to find it easier?

I think it can also be downloaded from Ovarian Cancer Action & Target Ovarian Cancer's website... will it be available on the OVacome site?

Thanks so much, Sx

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Thank you for pinning this post so that it will remain accessible for newly diagnosed women. Although titled a 'Younger Women's Guide', I think, as TinaB says below, there will be relevance within it for women within a wide age-range and hope that many will find the signposting, advice and stories of some help at a difficult time. Sx


Many older women have struggled with fertility issues in the past, and all of the issues you've mentioned and then been faced with Ovarian/PPC. Infertility, for whatever reason, is a risk factor for Ovarian. Nobody really knows whether it's because of the underlying causes of infertility itself or because of infertility drugs.

I don't think things were helped with the 'Tell Your Daughter' campaign which, although was well meant, excluded many women who have no children. Also, It didn't address the fact that men can be the carriers of Ovarian.

Women in their fifties face the same problems as women in their 40s.

I appreciate what you're doing to help nevertheless.


Hi I'm trying to email you at this address but not valid?


Hi Zena41

I'm sorry you're having problems contacting us. The email address should reach us, but if you continue to experience problems please call us on 0800 008 7054 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager


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