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Hi, I just wondered if anyone out there is also on Letrozole?

I had the chemo/ debulking/chemo route and 4 months later it was back, so another round of 6 chemo and then onto Letrozole. I started letrozole August 2014 with a CA125 of 20 and this has slowly risen to June 2015 CA125 of 44. So I will be having a whole year without chemo which is amazing. I just wondered how long other people have been on the drug, any side effects and their thoughts on its effectiveness.

For me I get achy joints and fatigue but who doesn't!

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I was on Letrozole after 2nd line treatment but it didn't work for me. Just completed third line treatment so down to Dorset and Devon tomorrow for 10 days :) Scan booked for 13th July and Onc on 22nd July. Booked a week in Madeira in August too.....pack it in now treatment finished :) My CA 125 wasin the 50's after second line treatment but remained much the same on Letrozole but I was symptomatic so had to convince the Oncologist there was an issue. Ordered a scan and hey ho 3rd line treatment

Hope Letrozole works for you and keeps you in remission!

Love Wendy xx


Hi. I have been on letrzole for almost 4.5 moths now and back in the middle of May when I was just short of having been on it for 3 moths, it appeared that though the disease had grown a little in some areas, it had shrunk in others and my CA125 had come down a little.

It was decided that I should not go back on chemo and really just wait and see. If any new symptoms occur or the little pain I have increases I have to get in touch with the onc dept. I am due back at clinic the end of August.

I have little or no side effects though the fatigue and aches I get sometimes may be Side effects or just due to the disease in general.

I have had 1st line chemo only and never really had NED. I finished first line in the middle of Oct 2014.

Hope it works for you. Let me know how you go with it,



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