Hi all, would really appreciate some advice please. My mum has stage 3c OC and has had a recurrence after 8 months. She has just had her 2nd cycle of carbo/caelyx. I was wondering whether anyone could share some success stories of this combination as we are all a bit low at the moment. Does anyone know whether avastin can be taken in conjunction with this combination. Avastin has not been discussed as we live in Wales, however, I'm keen to know whether it is an option with this chemo as if possible we will look into paying privately. Thank you xx

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  • HI Billwill, sorry your Mum is going through this at the moment. I am sorry I have no experience of this combo but hopefully someone else can help you when they read the post. I am not sure either if you can use it with Avastin, maybe ask at your Mums next chemo day. Annie also known as Whippit would certainly help you out if you message her. All I can say that your Mum is two down and her first bloods would have been before treatment and her latest just before her second treatment so it is too early to say yet if this combo is working. It is had having a recurrence, I have been there a few times. Try and focus on things outside of chemo like a short trip for a few hours if your Mum is up to it. Sending you big hugs

  • Hi Billwill sorry to read about your mum but so glad to see her supportive family caring and being proactive.As Suzuki said you should pm Whippit, she would be able to discuss things regarding Avastin in Wales.I haven't heard that combo used with Avastin.Im sure if you call the Liason nurse she would be able to answer your questions . X x

  • Hi I had a reoccurence at about 8 or 9 months. They treated me with carbo/caelyx. I wasn't offered avastin either. I had 4 cycles of this combo and then one cycle of carbo alone. I am 8 months passed the chemo now and still in remission. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Billwill. I was initially diagnosed with 3c OC. I had the usual ops & 6 months of chemo. It returned after around 18 months remission. I should note here that I live in Australia these days. My 2nd line treatment was Carbo/Caelyx/Avastin. for 6 months. I'm now in remission again and continuing on 3-weekly avastin (only) for as long as my CA125 stays down. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Best wishes. Pauline.

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