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Well I got my results this morning I have a ovarian cyst on my right ovary and multiple fibroids in my uterus.he couldn't confirm that it was benign as ca125 is now saying 151,so wants to perform hysterectomy,only concerned about my lungs as I have chronic asthma so checked with all the other health carers that look after me,have to see a aneasitist too..xx

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Hope the news will be good news following surgery. Have you been given a planned date for this yet? Seeing anaesthetist is precaution because of your asthma. Don't worry about that, if your asthma is well controlled, I'm sure the anaesthetist will be happy. Let us know how you get on. Ann xo


afternoon Ann, just told me ,that they will send an appointment for anaesthetist, (glad you can spell that one ),dictated a few letters for immediate fax to my lung specialist and chest specialist whilst in room with him, I have suffered severe asthma attacks since 17 ,on a lot of meds, but recently only been hospitalised twice in 4 years. been looking into other options, i.e, key hole surgery for cyst, ablation for fibroids, as indicaters so far are benign ,although ca125 rising, wht do you think, I am worried abut having major surgery if it isn't needed . x


I was a medical sec in NHS prior to my illness, so had to be able to spell medical words lol.

With regards surgery, firstly a surgeon will not operate just for the sake of it, they will only do it if its required. If your surgeon feels you need it, then I would be taking his advice, if I were you.

If a cyst is large, they cannot remove it via keyhole surgery. Plus, there are risks involved with keyhole too, especially in the abdomen where there are so many other organs. It seems to me like you have a good team behind you, doing all the right things like contacting the other specialists you see etc.

The surgery itself is not so bad you know, although with a total abdominal hysterectomy you cannot carry shopping, hoover etc for a while, pain is well controlled and you will be up on your feet in no time. Enjoy letting others look after you for a change (if you have family that can help). If you don't, then speak to your GP and he hopefully will be able to get you some post operate carers for a while. Ann x


I can't thank you enough Ann for your reply,it has helped put things into perspective,I also had a peep at your page and YOU are so strong have a brilliant holiday xx


And you will find that you will be strong too! I must do an update lol.


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