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Back pain

Does anyone know how to get rid of back pain while on chemotherapy without taking strong painkillers ,which I am told will compromise the kidneys and the bloods ,I already had the pain before starting Caylex.

I am due to have forth Caylex on Wednesday it has been very hard on skin,especially hands and feet.

But good news after scan cancer has halved.

Look forward to any advice you can give me.

Lesley 1944

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Hi. I used acupuncture for pain & peripheral neuropathy with great success. Mind you, I did take strong pain killers also. Using a hot jar (wrapped in a towel though or with a cover) on my back also helped.

Delighted you had good news.



Hi, I always get by with using a hot wheat cushion, the sort you heat up in the microwave, I suffer with lower back ache from time to time, if I jar it or lift things. It also worked for me when on taxol which was hard on my joints. Plus any creams, deep heat etc. Very good news on your scan though, I am due to go on carbo/ Caylex soon. Trix


Hi, I suffer with back pain too, I've got couple of wheat bags that you put in microwave, one has lavender in it, great for back pain. When was rough after chemo used one on back and lavender one round shoulders/neck to relax.

Hope this helps. on the scan so far

Sam xx


Great you have good news so all the suffering is worth it. I have a heating pad for my back it goes from the neck down to the waist and it does help, If you have a bath put epsom salts into it when bathing, that does help the aches and pains. It also rids the constipation. Alternatively if you just have a shower unit like me, we threw out the bath years ago for a shower, bathe your feet for twenty mins in a basic of water with epsom salts. I feel it does help. I thought paracetamol was okay as long as you dont take it day of treatment. Hope the suggestions work


Hi Lesley. My physio recommends a hot water bottle for back pain. Hope that's not too simplistic. Best wishes Pauline.


In short a hot water bottle at night, a heat pad or patch during the day and 5 - 10 minutes of flexibility exercises on a gym ball every morning! This regime has been brilliant for 4 years! When weather is hot I use a cool pack from the freezer on wrapped in a towel on my chest to keep the rest of me cool! Mind you I live alone!

If going on caelyx (I had it last year) start moisurising all over, including feet, with E45 now! I had a really bad reaction and it was hell) also arm yourself with Difflam mouthwash and Gelclair to deal with mouth ulcers!

Hope you have a less drastic reaction!


I would say Reiki or Reflexology would help with this

Aemi x


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