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The drain

This drain is taking on a life off it's own . You remember I was in three days beatson in glasgow . Although they'd sent for me . It's got to be a guided drain no slot so sent home fist appointment 22 nd this Friday . Got my letter bed manager Come in at nine 22 , but is my drain booked , phone x Ray no appointment here . Please check as iv to come in iv got the letter in front off me 22 booked drain . Anyway phone secretary she gets back today so sorry there's not a radiologist . Here on Friday . Because off the new super hospital everything is on hold . Operations ect . The first app 1st June . I could present myself at the super new hospital accident and emergency . But from what I'm hearing they are all running around like headless chickens so check check and check . I would have been sent home once again on Friday . I think I would have been fed up good luck Annie xx

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Hello there.

Your hospital certainly seems to be messing you around and not giving much thought to your needs. Is there a complaints dept at your local? If so, I would certainly get in touch as soon as possible and lodge a complaint. Whilst I admire you for taking it on the chin and being so accepting of the situation, you sometimes need to make a bit of a fuss to get yourself heard. Its bad enough being in the position of having to deal with your diagnosis, without being on the receiving end of you hospitals incompetance.

Go girl. I'm right behind you. X


Annie, have you rang them yet. if not say you need it done Today x


This is ridululous. You need that drain. I think its time to contact the complaints dept and if you need to, tell them you will be phoning the Nolan Show on Radio 5_Live. That'll get them moving, they hate bad publicity and what's worse than a cancer patient requiring a drain being messed around. Ann x


Glasgow is a mess just now with the hospital moves . I could go accident and emergency at the new hospital and would prob get done after a 12 hour sit . I'm not kidden there like headless chickens just now . I'm booked or so they say 1st June . At the beatson . Not in pain just sort off nine month pregnant pain comfort wise ect . I think I was just amazed at my scan being good because I did bloat while on Clemo . I see someone has posted today on bloat while on Clemo Caelyx . Must be a side effect lol


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