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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed as stage 3/4 OC October 2014, I have had a full hysterectomy and hernia repair, and have just finished my 6th chemo, wow it was tough going at times. Although I haven't posted anything until now, I have been following all you inspirational ladies on this sight and have found most of my concerns and questions answered, thank you!!

I have my CT scan next Monday 18th may and results on 12th June, my CA125 is at a normal level and oncologist has said I have responded well to treatment, fingers crossed the CT scan says the same. I am also preparing to go back to work in a few weeks time, a few hours per day, can't wait!!!

Keeping positive with help from my lovely husband, son, mum, family and friends.

Take care and wishing you all well xx

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  • Hi There and welcome to the site.

    Thank you for such a positive post. Wishing you all the best with your results and your return to work.



  • Thank you xx

  • Lovely post! Good luck with the scan. X

  • Thank you xx

  • Well done for getting through your treatment and will keep my fingers crossed for you that the ct scan shows the results you are hoping for. It is positive that your Consultant says you have responded well and that your CA125 is at normal level.

    Like you, I am aiming to go back to work in a few weeks time once I have finished my 2nd line treatment, and looking forward to getting back to normal. Do take it at a sensible pace though, and don't push yourself too hard.

    I send my very best wishes to you.

    Take care. Ali xx

  • Thanks Ali, you take care to xx

  • Good luck with the scan rooting for you xox

  • Hi, I'm just a few months ahead if you, I was diagnosed end of June 2014, stAge 3c, had operation end of October. It's been a tough rotten time, and I had same positive news from my oncologist. Operation went very well and I had responded well to treatment. My ca125 was 19 last chemo. My scan showed NED, so very good. I'm due my first check up June 15th. Starting back at work the day after. Good luck for scan and will be keeping everything crossed for results.

    Keep strong and positive (it does help)!

    Welcome to the site.


    Sam x

  • That's great news, Samjane, wishing you well on your first check up and first day back at work to.

    Thank you


  • Welcome to our friendship circle. It sounds as though the chemotherapy went well although it was tough at times. Good to look forward to going back to work and a bit of 'normality'. Your wise to start with just a few hours every day as it can be quite exhausting and strange at first.

    I hope the CT scan results bring you more good news.

    Time now for a bit of a treat and to think of a holiday!

    xx Annie

  • Thank you, I'm making some plans for a holiday, as you know how hard it can all be, we could do with some relaxing fun.

    I am nervous about results but reading all the posts on this site it seems that's normal to feel this way.


  • I'm glad you've found the site useful. I hope the results are good and that you get back to some normality soon. Enjoy the summer

    Francesca x

  • Thank you x

  • Sorry you've had to join us but welcome! Hope all goes well with scan results. I'm waiting for scan results after finishing 2nd line chemo. Got appt on 1st June and was going to try and bring it forward but decided while I'm feeling good what I don't know can't hurt me lol!! No doubt I'll get anxious as the day gets closer!


    Annette xxx

  • Lol I fully understand that feeling!! Good luck and hope all goes well for you to. Enjoy feeling well xx

  • Good luck with scan. Hope results are good. Don't expect too much from yourself re work. Ann xo

  • Thank you xx

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