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Hi ladies I had my six month check up last week my Ca125 was good at 14 but doctor noted my liver function test was raised, my GP had done it after I was poorly last year with a cold and virus that had lasted for few months, anyway she proceeded to tell me it was most probably due to the small Gallstones that had shown up on my scan back in 2013, 3 months after my total hysterectomy to remove my 2 ovarian tumours, none of this information was ever passed on to me before last week, anyway question is have any of ladies on here suffered from gallstones since surgery. I always had mild pain but put it down to just a bit of indigestion or trapped wind as travelled up to shoulder as well, don't get me wrong never caused another discomfort to really worry me. Anyway off for ultrasound on abdomen and pelvic area on 1st June and this is just because I still have discomfort at top of tummy from what I hope is to do with scaring from surgery, long winded I know but just need to ask.

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I never knew I had gallstones but during chemo I occasionally suffered from upper tummy pain ( put down to side effects). Finished chemo in the August and started to suffer more and told it was due to the gallstones. Had gallbladder removed in the December!! I wonder if chemo aggravated them but dr said no!!! Didn't suffer before. Hope u get sorted soon xxx


Hi thanks, I was lucky not to have chemo all removed through surgery but it does make you wonder if it is because of surgery. I'm lucky that it doesn't cause to many issues yet so will watch my diet. Xxxx😃


It does make you wonder. I think lots of us on here suffer from things we didn't have before. Xxxx


True what ye are saying but hopefully the gallstones can be removed without the major op, you are still sore but not as debilitated if done this way. I think they tend to leave them unless you are in serious pain when you have had chemo already. My friend with a different cancer had them but it was left on the long finger until she was well enough and her white cell count was okay, she has leukaemia. So she had the fast surgery ie micro surgery for the want of remembering the proper name and she was home that evening. Three weeks later she was on holidays.


I too was diagnosed with gallstones just after surgery. Terrible pain and thought it was to do with op. Ultrasound revealed stones and I was given painkillers. I still get niggly pain there but not a bad as original pain. I was told most people have them without knowing.

Best wishes

Annette x


I developed gall stones after operation and I think I still have one large one. If it troubles me I used Castor oil on a towel over the entire liver area and a heat pack over it for 3-4 hours 3 consecutive days. I drink dandelion and st. marry thistle teas. I also drink the carrot, celery and green apple juice. The apple has malic acid which soften gallstones. In the morning or at night I have the olive oil. Usually it lets me alone after this treatment so I get to live free of pains for a while.

I did the same Castor oil application over abdomen for the scar tissues that form because of operations and I got no troubles from them.

Hope it helps you too!


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