Tummy troubles 😟

Laid awake at silly o'clock, tummy still been a pest! Bowels emptying fine and frequent, no bloating, wind, slight loss of appetite improves during day. Cramps hour after eating then need loo! Nurse seems to think its IBS and everything still settling down. Now my tummy is gurgling and rumbling! Oh the joys of extra problems from OC!! Feeling slightly fed up with it.

Hope your all well. Enjoy your weekend.

Sam xxx

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  • Hi Often Caeliac disease is diagnosed as IBS and is common with thyroid problems. Ask for the blood test but if negative still ask to see a dietician as you can have the problem and not show on test.


  • Hi, than you for suggesting that, I'll mention it to my doctor


  • Hi, try probiotics, my GP recommended them when I had similar problems, I find them amazing, one a day, yogurts or drinks.

    Good luck.


  • What a great idea Trix. I've had the same problem as Sam and have had stomach cramps at night for a week or so. There's bio yoghurt in the fridge so I'l try that. Should I have it last night at night or doesn't it matter when you eat it?

    xx Annie

  • Hi, thanks I've just bought some so will give them a go x

  • I don't think it matters , I normally have mine first thing in the morning, if I forget then after tea. A GP suggested them after my op when I was cramping and on the loo all the time, to begin with, she said take 2 a day, within 3 days it was all gone. So I have used them a lot but only 1 a day. Bearing in mind what they said in the video we saw that chemo kills off all the good cells and bugs in our digestive system as well. I find they improve the " delivery" immensely. I normally have activia yogurts of some sort or Morrisons own bio yog drinks but I don't think it matters.

    Good luck with them, x

  • I have same problems after eating. Then rushing off to loo for little effort, get my drift. Think it is part and parcel of OC. Someone on forum has ruled out yogurt things completely and dairy for that matter. But we have to give things a try and see what works for us. This person said the yogurt actually caused the OC. Oh well, thats me ------ I guess. I have been making my own for years. I have tried the drinks but couldn't say that I noticed any change. I am trying to drink plenty of water..

  • Hi, thanks for reply, spoke to nurse she seems to think IBS or effects of OC. she said still a long way to go with recovery, body is still settling down. At least examination she gave me showed no abnormalities.x

  • HI. those darned bowels - the trouble they cause us, before diagnosis; on treatment; post surgery etc. Loose movements was never my problem - quite the opposite in fact. But, if there is plenty of 'gurgling' it means there is no blockage - another piece of useless information given to me.

    I suppose we just have to learn to live with our bodies behaving / misbehaving in a different way.

    Love to all from a wet & windy Ireland.


  • Hey, yes I agree darned bowels but the darned OC hasn't helped!! A doctor said the same about the gurgling noises, just after my operation, she said was a healthy gut!

    It's hard though finding a 'new you' though don't you think?


  • Hi

    You can get probiotics in tablet form. They work out cheaper than the drinks. They often have more of the good stuff in than the yogurts. There are a lot of different ones available. Health monthly is a good website with a good variety. May be worth looking on cancer active website which has good advice.


  • Thanks for that, I've bought some tablets so will give them a go.

    Sam x

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