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Accommodation close to the Royal Marsden

First of all, thanks to all of you that responded to my nosebleeds post, hopefully by sleeping with my head higher than my body I have put this dreadful scenario to bed!! Anybody who has followed my posts will know that I was keen to have a referral to the Marsden, this has happened, I have an appointment on Tuesday 5th May, the getting there is easy, I take a train directly from Penzance to Paddington but does anybody know of any accommodation in the Chelsea area? e.g. a B/B, guest house, hostel. Th RM does do accommodation but at such short notice they have no spaces, also is anybody in the know about some good events to go to in London this weekend, I seem to remember that Lord Mayor's day takes place. Thanks so much, Gio x

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Hi Gio

It's good your referral to the RM has come up. I was going to get in touch as we're heading down to Cornwall this weekend - and there's you off to London! Another time perhaps?

There are no cheap hotels in the Fulham area but there is a boutique hotel in Sydney Street just a minute or two from the front door of the Marsden. Sydney House. I stayed 2 nights last year and paid about £120 p.n. It's very convenient, quiet and well-run though the bedroom was minute. It's slightly cheaper on a Sunday night, and you can skip their expensive breakfast as there's a great family run Italian Café opposite the Marsden which sells good coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and breakfasts.

Alternatively you could look at cheaper options on the bus routes that pass by the RM front door: there are four: 14, 211, 414 and 345 211. That gives you more overnight options and perhaps in a more convenient location for sightseeing.

Hope your visit goes well. xx Annie


That's brilliant Annie. I have found somewhere in Harrington Gdns from the 2nd to the 6th May, with a en-suite bath. I need a bath because of the PICC line. What dates are you coming down here, this weekend? It's on top of us but I am free, probably spend time on the allotment and doing some fiddle practice, we've got quite a few events coming up!

If you are coming down when I am in London give me a call maybe and we can still catch up, do you have my mobile number?

Lots of love coming from me to you,


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Hi Givs

Harrington Gardens is nice and convenient. The plan has changed somewhat this weekend as my daughter and son-in-law are coming to Plymouth rather than our going down to Hayle, and can you believe it -the week you're in London is the one week in May I have a break and will be at home!

Lucy, that's my daughter, has been referred to the Charing Cross Hospital and she flies from Newquay to Gatwick and back in a day round her treatment. It's good you're both getting the best advice possible and to know if you do need ongoing treatment at the Marsden it is doable.

Will you be in hospital every day that week?

There's a Parliamentary Reception on Tuesday 23 June which I think you'd find very interesting. They're hoping to get us all to lobby our MPs to highlight the differences in provision across the UK. Are you interested in that? My daughter and son-in-law have had some worrying experiences in Cornwall and my daughter in particular relates to oncology. I do have your nos, so will call in case it's something you'd like to do. xxx

love Annie


That will be very interesting and yes, please keep me in the loop. All the best for your daughter. I can't wait to see for myself what the Royal Marsden will say to me. It is my first time so it will be a consultation probably to ask me why I want a referral from them. On a secondary note, nosebleeds are becoming the bane of my life: I need to acknowledge that it's in my circulation, the Avastin that is, and the best way to keep myself stable is to sleep with my head in a higher position than my body: nature is telling me what to do!! I tried sleeping normally and although awake at the time that it started my head today feels washed out!! Hope Plymouth is dry today for you, it is Trevithick day down here, or rather in Camborne, and rather like last year, it will be a bit of a wash out. The allotment is not saying ,'no' however and the broad beans will be picked in a matter of a few weeks!

Love Givs


I feel I should pay tribute to Trevithick. He came to Cardif to design our railways and our School of Engineering is housed in the Trevithick Building.

Hope you enjoy some time in your allotment today. xx


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