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Advice please

My mum was diagnosed in January 2014 with stage 3c OC. She had surgery and carbo/taxol which she completed in August 2014. We have just been informed that the cancer has returned in her lymph nodes (one of which is in her collarbone) and a very small trace of cancer in the lining if her gut. She is about to be admitted into hospital as she has a pleural effusion which requires draining. Has anyone else experienced this type of recurrence? Trying to stay positive but this new has knocked us for six. Thank you xx

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I finished second line chemo in January for a recurrence in my lymph nodes.

My main problem is the lymph node in my groin which causes quite a lot of discomfort but other than that I feel fine.

I wish your mum well.


Hello. My story is very similar. My Mum was diagnosed in Dec 13 - 3c. 3 chemos. Debulking in Apr 14. Four more chemos (carbo/taxol). First three month check in Oct 2014. "Cancer cell count back to normal". Jan 2015, next three month check, cancer cell count up to 355, "small amounts of cancer near to lymph glands and pancreas". Everyone gutted. Anyway, Mum had her third 2nd line chemo today - Caelyx. She is managing the cancer now but her cancer cell count (CA125) had gone down last week and apart from a few side effects, she is coping very well. I don't think Mum has had pleural effusion but there will be ladies on this site who will be able to help you with that aspect of it. She gets low but I spend as much time as I can with her, as does my sister. (I live over 200 miles away. Sister 20 minutes!!). So, I can really understand how you are feeling but stay positive and help your Mum as much as you can. It's a roller coaster ride but try to stay strong. Best wishes. Jane X

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My cancer had spread to a couple of lymph nodes when I was first diagnosed back in Decemebr 2010. I had a recurrence in 2013, when it had spread to my sternum -

in the soft tissue not the bone. I had further chemo and was then ok for a year though it's beginning to recur again.


My OC has always been in my lymph nodes and I have never been free of a small bit somewhere, but diagnosed in Oct 2012 and doing ok and on third line chemo but still working and enjoying life. No pleural effusion but lots of ladies on here have had drains for a variety of collections so I am sure you will get some more advice. Thinking of you all OC is certainly an up and down disease xxxxxxx


I was diagnosed 3c in Jan 2014 and had same treatment as your mum, scan in Nov 2014 showed recurrence in abdomen and 3 different lymph nodes, I'm nearing the end of 2nd line chemo of gem/carbo/avastin and have been ok on it. Onc says we will see what scan shows at the end and then decide next step, and I trust him. Sending very best wishes to your mum, let us know how she gets on, Trudy xxx


Thank you all for you positive comments and for taking the time to reply xx


Yes I had it drained,then I had a pleurodesis,where they put sterile talc into the lungs,look it up ,it will explain it better ,I have my chemo head on.Not had it return that was over fifteen months.xx


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