Tumors in my breasts ☹️

I just found some tumors in my breasts, they are hard and round. Like my tumor next to my ovary, but a lot smaller. I see my Oncologist Thursday, and I've swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits. Could the ovarian cancer spread to this area? After my radical hysterectomy my Oncologist said it could spread any where in my body. Has this happen to anyone else? I hope it's not another type of cancer, look forward to your thoughts warriors💕


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  • They may not be tumours, they could be harmless cysts. Both my breasts are full of calcified cysts. Speak to your oncologist on Thursday. Hopefully they're nothing to do with your OC. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 big hugs ❤xx Jane

  • Thanks Cropcrop, That does make me feel a lot better, knowing you have some too. Thanks for information, and big hugs back to you💕

  • Hello there

    I too have had lumps in my breasts after my op. Because the ovarian removal put me in the menopause it caused lots of cysts. 3 years later apparently the outside of them had become calcified and could be felt again, they were very tender too. I had an ultrasound and they were found to be harmless and I just ignore them now

    Good luck


  • Thanks Bettyxxx, I also have major menopause after my surgery too. I'm so glad I posted this, knowing that other women have the same problem too. I appreciate your feed back about this subject 💕

  • Hi there. When my OC recurred it was in a breast and also in a lymph node in my groin and on my liver. I was worried as it was clearly travelling. I went back onto chemo after some weeks (my onc wanted to watch & wait). I've been in remission for 19 months now. I had a core biopsy in the breast initially to make sure it was in fact OC and not breast cancer. It was OC. But as said by others above, yours may not be cancer. Best wishes. Pauline.

  • Pauline66, Wow it just started spreading, glad to hear your in remission for 19 months, that's awesome. Thanks for your feedback, truly appreciated 💕

  • I had recurrence of oc in arm pit nodes, and breast area . Having carbo / Caelyx this time round . Spread to peritoneal and groin area also. Have had a good response at mid way scan .

  • Debonair1, wow yours spreading too, well I'm glad you have had a good response midway scan. Did you have surgery to remove the ones in your armpits and breast area? Thanks for your feedback, very appreciated 💕

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