Hi ,just had to change my chemo from carboplatin.Due to a severe reaction.Now on cistoplatin. Have had chills flu like symptoms,nausea and generally feel wiped out.

this is my third line chemotherapy and have been really good up until now.have day 8 of gemcitbean on Friday .hoping i will be aright. be interested if anyone can share their experience on this drug.hoping this is a blip.

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  • Are you sure that Gemzar isnt the problem, I was on Gem and Avastin and my Gem had to be reduced because I would get the shakes for a few hours post treatment and it wiped my white cells. I asked for steroids and eventually got them and that helped a bit. I had to ask for the steroids. I had no reaction going in but it was when I got home after a few hours, it would hit for the evening but by bed time would come around again. Gem has alcohol in it and I dont drink a lot so maybe if I drank more I might have tolerated it more. I never had cistoplatin it could be on the menu for the future though. Wishing you well and hope you will be okay for day 8.

  • Thankyou for your quick reply.could be the gem.have been drinking loads,as recommended as cistoplatin can damage kidneys.

  • When I was on gem / cistplatin I also felt awful really sick on loads of anti sickness meds and also completely wiped me out

    My oncologist said it was one of the worst combination drug treatments for side effects !!! Hope all goes well for the future x

  • Hi Hollie. I als changed from carboplatin to Cisplatin following a severe reaction (grade 3 anaphalactic shock). i have to say that the symptoms are unfortunately more severe with cisplatin but I would also say to stick with it as Ive now been back in remission 20 months and still doing well. Stay strong, be kind to yourself and you will get through this. make sure you have plenty of antisickness drugs on hand and rest as much as you can. wishing you well xx

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts. Really cheered me up...20 months without chemo Terrie xxx

  • Hopefully the following information will cheer you up even more, first remission was 4.5 years, followed by one of 18 months, followed by this third one of 20 months so far, no evidence of disease, (last scan 2 weeks ago) and I've been back at work again full time (I tend not to faff around with phased return, too stubborn lol) within 6 weeks of finishing chemo. XX

  • Your amazing.i was diagnosed in 2012 with 3 c oc. Longest remission been 9 months.but im sure i can work on this.keeping things as normal as possible and doing fun things helps.Us women are a strong bunch.glad your back to good for the soul.xxxx

  • Not amazing just quite stubborn and I think I got that from my mum who was diagnosed 3c and went on for over 16 years. ive managed 8 so far nearly and too stubborn to let this get in the way. You're right about work being good for the soul tho, I redecorated (wallpapered and painted our living room before I went back to work lol) Dont get me wrong, I rest when I need to and I can be lazy but most of the time Im determined to carry on life as normal. I just try and keep my chins up lol.

  • I had to change to cisplatin for the same reason as yourself ie reaction to carboplatin. I haven't had any particular problems with cisplatin, but people react differently. I hope things improve for you.

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