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Thank you for your replies to my previous posts.

Back at home post surgery minus one cyst and one Fallopian tube . Surgeon is happy that the other cyst is small enough to leave and it's not on the ovary after all.

So waiting for histology now of what they took away. I'm feeling heavy/tired/sore but thankful it's over.

Thank you for your support ladies since September and I wish you all healthiness and happiness. X

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I am glad that this is over for you and just take things easy for the present, It will take a while to get back to normal . Mind yourself


Brilliant you're back home and getting comfortable again. Well done you for going through it all. Wishing you the best of luck for the histology report. It looks as though its going to be good news for you! x love Annie


Glad to hear it's all done and you are home. Sounds like it went well. Now you can put your feet up and relax . Fingers crossed on histology. Take care,x Jenny


Bet it's good to be home! Good luck with the results from the histology.


Annette xxx


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