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Rising CA125


Just wondered if anyone on here had ever experienced a rise in their CA125 that wasnt linked to a recurrence of their cancer.

Been in remission 2 1/2 years, had clear CT in Dec and CA125 of 31.4.

Repeat CA125 three wks ago and it had jumped to 87, a week later down to 82.3.

Really anxious and imaging all sorts , no symptons otherwise and felt really well.

Got CR scan booked for Monday but desperately need some reassurance if possible .

Thank you so much


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Please try not to worry. There could be a number of reasons why your CA125 has increased. I have heard that it can rise if someone is stressed, been sick (ie physically sick) or just generally been unwell. Sometimes there can be different readings if you have been tested at different hospitals which use different equipment. I really hope the scan goes well on Monday.

Best of luck xxx

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Try not to worry over the weekend and give yourself a treat to take your mind off the scan, CA 125 can go up if you have infection of any kind including shoulder bursitis which I had. After the op it came down again to almost normal. You say you feel good so that is a plus. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you


Hi Lisa

The same thing has happened to me and the last reading of CA125 was 300 and I am due to be CT scanned on Tuesday. I am feeling ok apart from adhesions troubling my organs (the GP told me this) because I do not have the peritonea or omentum any more. The oncology nurse who contacts me said that they were more interested in if I was feeling well than my CA125 levels. If my scan is clear then they are talking about submitting me to trials in Nottingham to get the CA125 levels down so will just have to see what happens.

Hope everything goes well for you and I know how worrying all of this can be.

Good luck



We too - at the moment at least - rising CA125 but CT scan showed nothing.....

I have been having some gut problems and wonder if it might be that. Hope so!

And for you too


I had ovarian cancer stage 3b in October 2012 and had a CA125 test on my 2 year appointment and it was 191, a week and a half later it was 157. Really anxious as well and they want me to have a CT scan in next 2 weeks or so. I feel really well aswell and have no symptoms. What was your outcome?

Take care



Hi Jo, unfortunately my CT scan showed that the cancer was back in three places albeit very low volume disease. I was devastated. I had no symptons whatsoever and my scan in Dec had been clear. I'm just finishing my chemo and hopefully my next scan will show NED. It has been much harder for me to deal with emotionally this time which I've heard is quite normal . Please let me know how you get on and don't hesitate to contact me if you need to chat.

Good luck

Lisa x

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Hi Lisa... good to catch up with where you're at.

I think this is your second line? I found that much harder to deal with than first line, though I found the second line chemo easier.

My recent experience has mirrored yours: CA 125 rising, clear scan in February, follow up scan in June shows recurrence in one place. And wouldn't you just know that the CA125 had not only not risen in the previous 8 weeks, but had actually gone down a bit. What a tease!

Both times I was very well with no symptoms.

So far...... I seem to be have absorbed the "treatable but not curable" message and am taking this a bit more in my stride than last time, relishing how well I feel, but I am also really cheesed off....... another summer messed up!!

Stay strong xx


Thank you Lisa so sorry yours was back I feel for you but so pleased you've nearly finished chemo and hopefully that's done the trick! I have my scan on 18th July and results on 22nd , nervous wreck! Xx


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