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Sinus from Avastin treatment

I have just finished my 10th treatment of Avastin. I have had a few side effects along the way , aches and pains especially in my hands and feet. I now have sinus pain, bloody noses , cold symptoms and wonder if any one can help me . The cold gives me dreadful pain in my face . Any tips to help relieve the symptoms would be most appreciated.


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Hi Bobalu, welcome to the Avastin Sinus Club. Well I find that my sinuses are now worse than they ever were. Before Avastin was on a Nasonex and felt that this aggravated the hoarseness and sore nose etc. At my last check up my onc team said sinuses were not connected to Avastin although we all suffer. I have been referred to the ent section of the hospital. So my spray was changed, I got a cream to use to help the soreness and both the consultant there and my gp recommends the use of neilmed sinus rinses every day. Thie latter has definitely helped. Some mornings can be worse than others but I manage. You can get the Neilmed without prescription here in Ireland but it does soothe the nose and sinuses. You could also try steam inhalations but I dont find them helpful. I have been on three antibiotics since Xmas. I think its part of the course. I lately treated myself to new allergy free pillows and duvet hoping this will help the problem. I do find air conditioning tends to make the matter worse


Thanks for your reply, I think there are a lot more side effects from Avastin than have been reported. I don't think I shall be completing the course as I have just found out my CA125 has risen (again). I shall try to get the nasal wash from my doctor if I do go on with the Avastin as despite what your once says I am sure it is a side effect. I do find the central heating makes it worse but I feel the cold so much I sleep with it on. Good luck with your treatment Bobbie


Hi. Like Suzuki, I also am a member of the Avastin sinus club, & it is a very elite and special club - only very nice and sweet people are given membership , ha, ha, ha.

I can understand about the cold & the problems of leaving the heat on - i wear lovely soft, fluffy socks in bed and that has help hugely, as I like to get into a cold bed & this way, I have the best of both worlds. I also use a lavender tube ( not sure what it is really called), you heat them in the microwave &\ them are great to lean against when sitting, or around your neck and also in bed by your back - as it stays warm all night.

Best wishes to you though.



Thank you daisies, that sounds a lovely idea. I am always cold so I will give that a try, cosy I bet. Nice to think I belong to an elite club of very nice people too. Bobbie


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