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Liquid diet?

just wondered if anyone has ever been put on a liquid diet until chemo starts - my mum's ovarian cancer has returned and is in her small bowel - she is feeling very sick and thinks she is going to get a blockage again (which happened last time before starting chemo) - I just wondered if anyone else has experience this and what the hospital might suggest before starting chemo again (2nd time in a year!)

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Hi my mum is going through the same thing and has to be on a low residue diet. What chemo is your mum going on?


Well don't know yet - she has already had chemo last year but think she will be given it again now as the cancer is back! Last year she had carboplatin/gemcitabine and avastin, then stayed on avastin until january when her marker was up so obviously the avastin had stopped working. She has been on a low fibre diet practically all the time - I assume thats what you mean when you say low residue diet? My mum has stage 3c ovarian cancer and has had two lots of chemotherapy so far after having an operation in 2010 - What is your mums history and how is she doing?


Had a hard few weeks as she had a really hard chemo last year which she finished in December but it came back very quickly around her small bowel. She also was Dx in 2010 with stage 3c. It has always been quite contained and is now just around her small bowel but as she has had four or five different chemos they said they are now limited. We are still very positive and are going to get a second opinion because we are not giving up yet. She still has a very good life and tolerates chemo well and yes the low fibre diet really helps. It might be that she has to try and get on some trials.

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Good luck - its hard going isn't it? My mum also has had good quality of life so far - but shes not looking forward to more chemo so soon - but trying to stay positive like you - good luck and will keep in touch with mums progress - thank you


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