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Small shadow in abdomen but onc thinks considering ca markers still low could be scar tissues testing for thyroid imbalance because of tiredness but unless any problems arise not back for three months

Must admit when I got home had a little cry think it was just a release of the anxiety waiting for results so busy making plans for April take my grandchildren away for a long weekend as three of them have 13th birthdays mind you with seven of them will probably need another break get over it lol

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It sounds as though everything is going well Babs and very good news you don't have to go back for another three months. No wonder you felt a little weepy.

Wow that holiday sounds full-on. Where are you going with all those grandchildren? You'll have a great time and some wonderful memories to reflect on even if it is tiring at the time.

Enjoy! xxx Annie


Only going Wales to haven me and my daughter son can't get time off work so taking his two children with us then daughter in law coming with latest granddaughter should be hectic but looking forward to it x


Wales is lovely for a visit! xx


I admire your restraint I have my first three month check this week after 18 months of continuous treatment and second line chemo. If I get the clear for another three months I will be sobbing uncontrollably. Well done and have a fab holiday with grand kids.


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